Saturday, November 8, 2008


My record player/radio/cassette player/cd player
sitting on an antique sewing machine that was my dear Aunt Flora's.

It's one of those mornings that I've mentioned in my posts before, you know one of those mornings that I feel like stepping out on my front porch and yelling really loud- "I AM BLESSED, GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD!" Followed by a great big "HALLELUJAH!" I am home alone this morning, which is rare, but won't be as rare since hunting season is upon us. I have my wake up drink, hot black coffee, look at the CNN news via internet, check my mail, and yes, look at The Belmont Times, go to the obit's to see if anyone died since yesterday that I know.
And I catch a glimse outside my window; and I just feel glory bumps from my head to my toes! And yes, I get the camera, step out on my porch and take a picture! Here it is, the glorious pic. which the camera really cannot even justify. Then I start my housework, pass by my stereo that Scot and the kids gave me for my birthday a few years ago. I had wanted a record player. I have albums from back in the '60s. You Southern Gospel fans will know some of the groups, The Happy Goodmans, Seagos and Naomi, The Downings, The Speers, etc. Anyway... I push the power button and the radio is playing What A Day That Will Be, and there went my glory bumps once again. Music is so soothing sometimes, so uplifting at others. Well, this morning, it was a shot in the arm; something I really needed and it cranked my tractor, so to speak. There is an old song that says, If God is Dead, Then Who Is This Living In my Heart? Thats exactly how I feel. Thank you God for the time I cherish of just You and me. Thank you for being so real in my life.

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