Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas tree by George

We put our tree up and decorated it tonight. This is such a special time for us. The ornaments help us to reflect on Christmas pasts. We have added ornaments each year, especially for Noelle and Cale, and each ornament has it's own unique story. The ornaments represent something that they like or something in particular they are doing during that year. My mother usually buys Noelle and Cale a new ornament each year as well. This year, she got Noelle and "Elvis" ornament and a dove ornament that has a verse about singing on it. She got Cale a "Reese's cup" ornament and a pewter dog ornament that says "a dog leaves paw prints on your heart". If you've read my earlier posts, you know that our dog Snick is so dear to all of our hearts, especially Cale's. I love sitting and looking at our tree with all the lights off except for the lights on the tree.

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Julie's Journal said...

Your Christmas tree is beautiful!