Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm thankful for a husband who has a sense of humor! He is hilarious at times. I know I will add more pics to this post later as I find more. There are many funny and crazy moments in the life of Scot! Specific times come to mind: riding in a cart in Wal Mart parking lot, locking me out of the house when we were newlyweds (to wrap my Christmas present) (which by the way, he wrapped in like 3 boxes, in duck tape, and lots of paper!), he and Cale (in public) jumping up to hit shoulders; I guess those are just "be there" moments, but Scot really is a humorous-fun guy. I just about get literally sick if he seems down and out, cause I know "something" is definately wrong! It's such a rarity that he is down; he's always positive, upbeat, and happy. And for 23 years and counting, that is a very good thing! (By the way, when you see this pic., I love you honey!)

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