Sunday, November 9, 2008


What a precious service we had this morning. At the end of the singing and preaching service,
Scot baptized Mr. Debow. He is an 86 year old man. He has been attending our church for a while now, and had been saved back sometime, but had never been baptized. He lives alone, but his neighbors, the Stanfields, are so kind and loving to him and bring him to our church. Mr. Debow is getting feeble and slow, but that did not detour him in this endeavor. Bro. Jeff, one of our deacons got in the water with Scot and Mr. Debow. Mr. Debow sat in a chair in the bapistry for his baptism. Bro. Jeff tipped the chair back when Scot was baptizing him. Mr. Debow made it just fine. It was such a sweet and touching service. Mr. Debow doesn't have much family left, but he had several friends and loved ones attend the baptism today.

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