Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Good Tuesday morning. Isn't it funny (not ha-ha) how God uses unexpected things and people to encourage us or to just give us that special little nudge that says keep on keeping on? Do you ever get discouraged or sort of blah but you really don't even know why? Well, if you don't, I'm honestly so happy for you. Maybe it's just me- but some days I just feel weary and although in my mind and heart, I know God does all things well, I know that He is in control, I know how blessed I am, I know I am loved by God and others, I do!- I know ALL of this, but then, I still feel blah sometimes, you know, my tail is dragging instead of wagging! Today I am thankful for those unexpected pleasures that God sends my way to encourage me and lift me up and honestly, just to make my day; a shot in the arm so to speak! Today, He used someone in a nearby town that I have never met. She just left some kind words on one of my posts and when I read it, it was like a little extra "UMP" came over me. Thank you S. And thank you Lord for the people that are blessings to me.

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