Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A young Snick

Snick was just a small pup when he became part of our family.
We named him Snick Greene George. (Greene because that was his mothers families name)
Snick because he was dark like a snickers bar. George, the obvious. His mothers name was Kick-Stand. He was one hyper little thing! Snick has always been so smart, it's like he just knew what and what not to do. I have witnessed him picking up a lizard in his mouth, and removing it from the carport and taking it out in the yard and letting it go. He was removing it from where it shouldn't be and taking it where it should be! He doesn't bark during church (we live next door) and he got to where he would automatically go put himself up when the first car would drive up for church. He loves to swing. He would jump up in the swing, stay there til it stopped swinging, jump down, and do it all over again! June 13, 2007, Snick had a terrible accident. He got hung on a large screw that was sticking out of a rod at church. (we were remodeling) The damage would have been minimum, but when it happened, Snick tried to free himself, which tore him up inside and out. He had to have stitches inside and out, and the vet didn't give us alot of hope to start with. Snick had to stay at the vet hospital one night. Our family was devistated. We all were in tears and yes, we prayed for Snick. We love him, and we know God made him and knows all about him, and if he was important to us, then he would be important to God. A number one rule in our house since marriage is No Animals in the House! Scot said when he dies, we can have all the animals we want in the house. If you have one in the house, it's ok, that's just his rule! But, he even softened. We prepared the utility room, which is connected to the house; we went and bought a new pillow, new toy, plenty of food, etc. for Snick. Cale and I went and got him from the vet and brought him home. He was on medicine for infection and for pain for several days. I had to dress his wound several times a day. We would take turns visiting the utility room with him so he wouldn't be afraid. I would even sing to him. He'd just look at me and listen with all he had. This is one of the songs I'd sing to the tune of Jesus love the little children. Jesus loves the little doggies, all the doggies of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little doggies of the world. I came up with some other good ones too. He's got the little bitty doggies, in his hands..... etc. You get the pic. We had to lead him on a leash for several weeks until he healed, so there were lots of early mornings and late nights. I have mentioned how smart he is. He had never been inside the house before this, so we had not house-trained him. He only had one accident during those 8 weeks inside. And that was my fault. I was gone one night longer than I meant to be. We love Snick and we are so thankful he has been such a wonderful-part of our family for over 9 years now. Snick is sick now, almost blind, but we cherish each and every day that we get to keep him. We take extra good care of him. He is a faithful friend. Even when I'm not too fond of myself, Snick loves me. He is always proud to see us, and yes, he's my biggest fan, he loves for me to sing!

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