Sunday, November 16, 2008


For my whole family, for the joy my children bring.

For shoes on our feet, plenty to eat, Thank You Lord.

For the church where I worship and pray,

For the freedom I have today.

For your Spirit I feel, your presence so real,

Thank you Lord.

(from "Thank You Lord")

There's a roof up above me, I've a good place to sleep.

There's food on my table and shoes on our feet.

You gave me your love Lord and a fine family.

Thank You Lord for your blessings on me.

(from "Thank You Lord For Your Blessings on Me")

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Stacy said...

It is always such a blessing to read your blog. I grew up a preachers daughter and now am a preachers wife! We homeschool and our kids love good hymns and southern gospel old songs. We sing together, sometimes not too good, but always a joyful noise. I enjoy reading about your sweet family.

Stacy in Mantachie