Thursday, November 6, 2008


Class of 83

Mark T. with Heloise!

Paul Rex H., Jeff G.,
Judy D., Liesa G.

Barbara W., Sandy P., Lee P.,
Kim D., Lisa H., Suzan B.,
Tony G., Tommy W., Cindy H.

Terri & Alicia
Lisa, Liesa, Andrea, Michelle, & Sheila

Alicia, Liesa, Betty, Gina, Francis, Lisa,
Debbie, Sheila, Terri, Andrea, & Angie

Jeff S., Jeffery J., Angie A.,
Michelle C., Lisa M., Donald R.

I received a cd of pictures taken at Belmont Class of 83 Reunion yesterday. Gina and her husband did a great job getting these snapshots that memorable night. And today, I got 2 5 x 7 pics. and addresses of our classmates from Lisa. What joy all of this has brought to me this year.

So, today, I am thankful for the 12 years I was a student at Belmont High School and I'm very thankful for all my dear and precious friends. I found some old school day pics. Never fear, I
have more that I will dig up, just give me time.

Terri A., Tony H., Alan W., Danny G.,
Debbie H., Betty J., Dee Dee H., Paul W.

The pic at the bottom left was taken at a Christmas party at Karis's. The bottom right pic. was taken at our Junior play. From left to right: Jeff, Gina, Liesa, and Tony! We all had a ball, what a wonderful memory!


Favorite people, favorite places,
favorite memories of the past...
These are the joys of a lifetime...
These are the things that last.


Perhaps you'd be a bit surprised
how often, if you knew,
A joke, a song, a memory
will make me think of you.


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