Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun at the pond...by George

I am multi-tasking, reading and fishing! ha.
Yesterday, Cale, Noelle, and I rode the 4-wheeler to the pond to try to get a good picture to use on Christmas cards. We had a ball! The pictures I have posted will not be used for our cards, but these are some of the pictures we made just for the fun of it! Cale loves to fish, Noelle loves to read, so I decided to be cute and do both! We were nearly frozen when we got home. I made coffee, and we all ran warm water over our hands to get warm. The ride over there and back was alot of fun too. Cale had to go slow to make sure we didn't mess up our hair, but with 3 of us riding, it was quite an experience. We took a bag with a comb, hairspray, a towel in case we needed to wipe off the old boat, lipstick, etc. We just had the best time! I will post a picture of our Christmas card when I get them made.

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Russ and Megan said...

So good! Russ would LOVE to take pictures there! We drove around the Natchez Trace for hours Sunday (I'm pretty sure we made it to Tupelo!) looking for a place to take our Christmas card picture. We finally found the perfect place IN OUR YARD!!! Fun memories though, right?