Monday, November 24, 2008


I HAVE HAD A GLORIOUS DAY!!! Our Sun. morning service at church was wonderful this morning. He may be my husband, but he's also my pastor; and I just have to say that my pastor preached a great message this morning. It was a huge help to me. He read Isaiah 29:15 through 24. He brought out such good points about hiding sin, denying and forgetting God, putting forth as much effort and time in things of God as we do worldly things. He told us to keep up the time that we talked about things such as football, hunting, or whatever it is that interest us, and to compare that time with our prayer time, Bible study, and inviting others to church and witnessing. He also said that we as Christians do what we want to. If we want to be faithful to church, we are. If we want to read our Bible, we do. If we want to witness, we do. If we want to pray, we do. (and so forth) That is sooo true. That is just a little tid bit of his sermon, but that is what stood out to me that I need to improve on.

I went to an ordination service at Old Paths Baptist Church. Bro. James Segars was being ordained to preach. Eudell Crane, Joe Chumbley, Kim Wells, Stanley Page, Horace Stepp, Ronald Gober, and Reggie Segars were being ordained as deacons. It was a very sweet and touching service. I have known all of these men except Stanley all of my life, and I've known him for probably 20 years. Stanley is such a good man, one of the friendliest people I've ever met. (I apologize for not getting his and Terri's pic. I thought I did. I was sitting in the back, trying to not make a scene taking some pictures.) Eudell is like an uncle to me; a very precious man in my life, and Mr. Chumbley and I have some wonderful memories from church and school. I saw people from my home church and family and friends I rarely see, so it was just a wonderful time for me to witness the ordination and to see people that have been such bright spots in my life.

I came home just in time for everyone to jump in the van and head to the Community Thanksgiving service at First Baptist. The community choir practice was at 4. The choir was awesome!!! I had so much fun!

Stephanie and Brandon came home with us. We all ate supper, then played scattergories until 10 o'clock. We had sooo much fun. And by the way, filly ( a girl horse) is spelled with an 'f', not 'ph'. YAYYY FOR ME!!! Had to be here! And a car part that begins with 'f' is a fuel gage thingy. They made me mark that one out.

We had a super busy weekend, and I am a pooped momma, but so much happened that will forever be etched in my mind. God is so generous to give me such happy memories to think upon. There goes that warm, mushy feeling in my heart again.

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