Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yesterday, Noelle informed me (and others) that one month from yesterday she will celebrate her 20th birthday. 20 - Jumping Johosaphat! Is that possible? She will not be a teen-ager anymore, I won't be the mother of a teen-age daughter anymore. Twenty years ago, I didn't even know if she was a Noelle JoBeth or a Zachary Scot. Noelle has been a joy in my life. She is the young lady that I wish I had of been. As a little girl, she was soooo shy. If someone walked up to us and spoke to her, she'd grab my leg and hide, and almost make me fall. She was so talented and so smart. She would sing or quote Mother Goose or the Bible constantly. She could put us on a show being her dramatic self, almost a Shirley Temple personality when acting out something or singing. And believe it or not, she was quite a tom-boy. If you have only known her for a few years, you might have a hard time believing that. I remember that her cousin who is 3 years older than her, was scared of Noelle at times, just because Noelle was used to wrestling with us, etc. Noelle would run and jump and tackle Chrissy. (not in a hurtful way) But, Chrissy would end up on the back of the couch to get away from her! ha. Noelle's imagination was broad as the world! She loved to play and I very seldom heard the words "I'm bored" come out of her mouth. I remember one day she got into a bit of trouble. I told her to go sit in the rocking chair for a while and think about what she had done. She obeyed, and I went on with whatever I was doing. I came back through a few minutes later and looked in on her, and she had picked up a dusting cloth I had left on the entertainment center, which was beside the rocking chair. She was singing and talking, using it for a puppet! She was a Girlie Girl too, always in pretty dresses, matching hair bows, and her jewelry.(for church) After I'd dress her, she would come to me with her little hands out (palms down) waiting on her ring and bracelet. Noelle was a good student in school. She was very self-disiplined and motivated. Her heart has always been so tender, still is, sometimes to a fault, but yet, she is so steadfast and firm in her beliefs. She serves God and others willingly and joyfully. She made the decision to "NOT" date around just to date, which I wish I had made that decision as a teen-ager. I admire her so much. She shares my passion for books, movies, shopping, shoes, and purses! Noelle is a wonderful pianist and singer, and has such a way with the children at church. She has a great heart for others. Last Christmas, she baked several dozen cookies, made a list of widows, widowers, and shut in's in the community, and delivered the cookies to their door. She had not even met some of these people before, but desired to be a blessing to them. The greatest thing I can say about Noelle is she accepted Jesus as her Savior Feb. 19, 2002. That does a momma's heart good. When I was just a teen-ager, I heard a man say that he had rather God take his baby boy away from him and his wife than for that child to grow up and never be saved. I didn't understand that at the time, but in later years, I come to understand exactly what that man meant. Salvation is such a serious thing. My hearts desire since even becoming pregnant with my children was that they would be saved and serve the Lord with all their heart, soul, and mind. God has given me the desire of my heart, and I thank Him each day for that. Well, I guess this has sounded like a "Brag on Noelle" post, but it's truly just been a walk down memory lane, and a "Thank You Lord" post. Time has passed quickly, but the journey has been very blessed and happy. This momma has no complaints!
I think I'll go hug my daughter now. L

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