Friday, October 17, 2008


Ok, I haven't posted anything since Sun. night. Scot has ask me each night this week, "Did you BLOG today?" (He reads it usually every day. I don't know if it's because he actually enjoys it, or if he's just trying to stay ahead of Randy at work! ha.) And the answer each time has been, "No, I really didn't have anything to blog about." Well, I do today!!! Some of my friends have commented on how positive and encouraging my posts are, and I have vowed to try to keep it that way. But, today is not really positive or encouraging; neither is it negative or discouraging. It's just life lately!
I normally would not have even mentioned what I'm going to tell you cause I have this fear of being a bad housekeeper, etc. and I sure don't want anyone to think I'm nasty. One of my friends who I know is very clean and a good housekeeper had this same problem a couple of weeks ago, so that made me feel better about this problem I have. (Thanks R.)
Here goes it: I can hardly bare to even say it:
I opened up a kitchen cabinet last night and 2 beaty eyes were staring at me, yes, WE HAVE A MOUSE! And it's not MICKEY! You have to understand the reason this is so devastating and so blog-worthy to me is as far as I know, we haven't had a MOUSE since we lived in an old trailor 18 years ago! Of course, when Mr. Mouse and I met last night, I let out a nice loud scream(NOT BECAUSE I WAS SO GLAD HE WAS HERE EITHER), and running to my rescue was Scot and Cale. Noelle is deathly afraid of mice.
She is as afraid of mice as I am of snakes. It's serious!!! They asked me 2 or 3 times what was wrong before I could even get the word MOUSE out of my mouth! Just couldn't hardly say it!
So, Noelle is sitting Indian style on top of the bar and I'm perched up there with her watching the guys hunt the MOUSE! You can tell we weren't expecting this visitor and this is a totally new experience to us. It was not just me and Noelle scramming around. Scot put on his shoes, grabbed his keys, and headed out the door. I asked where he was going and his reply was "Somewhere to get a mouse-trap." Now, it is major when Scot jumps in the vehicle and goes off to Wal-Mart after 8 o'clock at night. He is usually nicely settled into his recliner by then.
He came home with not one, but FOUR traps.
I pray for the little visitor. I pray he'll find a trap!!!!
I want him to find it soon so I can do some major cleaning in the cabinet. Oh, and by the way,
the MOUSE does have good taste. He had found a mini-butterfinger bar! And No, the bar was not just laying around lost. It was tucked nicely inside my candy bucket with it's friends the Paydays and other Butterfinger buddies. Thanks MR. MOUSE for making me have to throw away the entire bucket of good eatin'. I guess you were helping me with my hips!
I'll let you know the rest of the story as it develops or ends, hopefully the latter.
I wonder if Wal-Mart has anymore traps!

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Roan said...

Don't feel bad! Mr. Mouse did not visit because you are a bad housekeeper! The mice are just learning where the warm homes with good food are! Our cat stalked and killed another mouse a couple of weeks ago. We knew there must be another mouse in the kitchen, because the cats crouched and paced in the kitchen for a couple of days. Then one day---almost dead mouse at the bottom of the stairs--our present.
A couple of days ago, Jimmy had to kill our friend, Long Black Snake. We had been seeing him around the side yard and front porch for a few days. Jimmy figured he was hungry, and hoped he would find a mouse. But then Jimmy saw him slithering in the backyard and decided that it was time for Long Black Snake to move on!
Let us know if you catch the critter!