Thursday, October 30, 2008

What I Did Today:



Today was a very rare day for me. We got up early, ate breakfast, got Noelle off to work,
did some chores, and I took Cale to Scot's parents to go fishing with them. Yes, normally today would have been a school day. And it sort of was....Fish have schools, right?! Seriously, Gordon and Nora Ann were getting their boat out for possibly the last time until spring and they invited Cale, so I just couldn't deny him the pleasure. I dropped him off and I went to our shed. We bought a shed when we sold our house and we have it sitting on the George property. The shed doesn't hold anything valuable to anyone but me. All of our past homeschool books, some of the children books (from when they were babies and tots), my china (that has to be hand-washed), Cale's twin bed, the baby bed, Mr. Turtle Sandbox, ..... (you get the pic) are in the shed. I labeled each Rubbermaid box when we filled them, but you know how confusing that can be when you actually need something. O.k., maybe you don't, but it is to me. It's like going to Wal-Mart for 2 items. I walk in the store and I have a lapse of some sort. But, I usually succeed in getting at least 1 of the 2 items, plus 10 more items! Back to the shed..... I had already been to it a couple of times looking for a particular book. The reason I wanted this particular book is crazy too! One of my dear high school friends, Karis, and I send Winnie The Pooh quotes back and forth via Facebook. So, after I sent her all the ones I could remember, I thought, hmmm, Cale had a huge book of Winnie the Pooh; I'll just get the book and look for quotes. So, I looked for the book, couldn't find it anywhere. I was even told that I had imagined that we had it! Imagine that!!!! So, I go to the shed a couple of times, always in a hurry, I might add, and looked for this book. Could Not Find It, so I thought maybe I did imagine it. This continued to bug me. I saw this book at the mall last week and the price was $40.oo, so I didn't buy it. I decided to keep looking. Today, I was alone and in no hurry (THAT IS WHY IT WAS A RARE DAY). The box was behind the kids red wagon and I had evidently overlooked it the other times I had been in the shed. Long story, short ending: I found the book- I proved that I'm not completely off my rocker- and now I can send all the quotes I wish to send from good ole Pooh Bear.

The second important thing I did today after running errands (after my search and find) was wrap Noelle's birthday gifts. Her birthday is Sat. I wanted to wrap them while I was alone,
so I got my paper, bows, etc. all in the floor with me and wrapped up a storm. I had felt a bit sad about her turning 20, (TIME HAS SURELY PASSED BY SO FAST) but I've decided to be very joyous and thankful. She is still here with us, alive and in body, and she is such a godly young lady, and I have been so honored and priviledged to be the woman God chose for this precious girl to call "Mother".

I will fill ya'll in more on her birthday as soon as the Birthday Girl knows all about her birthday!

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