Monday, October 20, 2008

Pastor Appreciation

As most of you know, October is Pastor Appreciation month. I encourage you all to do something nice and special for your pastor and his family. I promise you it will encourage them and will help them in ways you cannot imagine. God will bless you for it. When you go out of your way for your Pastor and family, it's almost like igniting fireworks. You will have a better Pastor because he will be encouraged and in better spirits mentally and spiritually. You can take my word for all of this. Scot does not preach Gods Word or pastor for any recognition or for money, but he is human. He works hard. He is gone all day to L & L, comes home, eats supper, and most nights, there are people to check on, visiting to do, or studying to do. He gets up early alot of mornings and goes to his office to pray and study long before we ever get up.
The kids and I hear the churches name in every prayer that is said aloud, we see the concern on his face, we hear the excitement or sometimes the discouragement in his voice. Pastors carry a heavy burden, and until you experience this, there is no way you can ever fathom the load.
Some people think that because most pastors receive a check each week or month, that they earn that by what they do, and that is all there is to it. Friends, there is much more to it than that. Scot has said that no huge amount of money could make it worth pastoring somewhere that is not Gods will, but no little amount of money could make it not worth pastoring where it is Gods will! Your pastor and family do sacrifice in ways I never imagined before living the life.
Your pastor misses family occasions and other events due to church events. No matter what he's doing at the time, or no matter what holiday, etc., if a member of his flock needs him, he goes. Your pastors life is scheduled around church events. Before being called into the ministry, we didn't even think about things like that.
I loved my Pastor Bro. Charles Green and I did try to do special things for him and Gladys Ann.
I sent them cards on a regular basis, remembered their birthdays, etc. but had I known what I know now; I would have been much more thoughtful. And Lord knows I would have prayed longer and harder for them. There are several misconceptions about Pastors and their family. 1.We are NOT perfect. 2.We do NOT live like we do just because of the position. (convictions, etc.) 3.We are NOT faithful to church just because we get a check from the church.
4.Our children DO misbehave sometimes just like the members kids, and the preachers kids are not always the worst ones; people just notice their mistakes and sins more. 5.Pastors wives are NOT always jolly and in a good mood. 6.WORDS do hurt Pastors, Pastors wives, and their children, just like anyone else. Our hearts are not made of stone.
I could go on and on and on. You wouldnt' believe the comments down through the years.
"Oh, you have to be here, or do this or that, you're the preachers wife." "Ya'll have to live right, you are the pastors family." We live right to the best of our ability because of our relationship with Jesus and because we want to win other souls to Him.
I said all of that to say this: GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO BE NICE TO YOUR PASTOR AND HIS FAMILY. LOVE THEM, CHECK ON THEM, INCLUDE THEM, SPEAK ENCOURAGEMENT, AND ABOVE ALL ELSE, PRAY FOR THEM. HOLD THEM UP TO THE LORD EACH DAY. The devil would like nothing better than to get them to just give up or to rob their joy and steal their fire and compassion. You my dear friends can help prevent that from happening. I do not post my thoughts on this for anyone to think I'm complaining, whining, or discontent. I am very content and happy- I just want to encourage you all to think of your pastor and his family and other members of your church on a regular basis. Choose to be a blessing. Choose to not just mean well or think about doing this or that, but put action behind it. Most of the time, YOU are your pastor and families life. They enjoy being with their members not only in church services, but other times too. So, do include them. Everything doesn't have to be so-so or spic and span. It will bring you more joy than you will be giving out, I promise you that!!!!

Bethany Baptist Church is a wonderful church. We love everyone here and we love this community. We lovingly call it "Mayberry". God was good to get our name to these people when they were without a Pastor. They are all so very generous and kind to our family.
We are always willing to go wherever God sees fit, but we sure are hoping that He lets us stay here for a very long time! This community is a treasure, such a rare and wonderful place.
Last night, Bro. Harold asked Scot, Noelle, Cale, and me to come up front. Bro. Jeff spoke such nice words about us and to us and presented us with a card and a check. What a blessing this was to us. When we lived at Belmont, most every year, we'd have a garden and freeze and can alot of food. We haven't had a garden since moving to the parsonage, but each summer, we always have fresh veggies on our table, in our fridge, and in the freezer. Just last night, one of the members brought us some fresh eggs, and the week before that, we were given sweet potatoes and some greens, onions, and radishes. I think I may have bought eggs at the store 5 or 6 times in the past 4 years. Last summer when I had surgery, there was food brought to us every day for several days; Scot or Noelle would go to the local restaurant to pick up breakfast or lunch some days, and most of the time, they'd come home and say, "They wouldn't let us pay for it" or "Kim bought it for us." Now, how nice is that!

You can't outlove or outgive God! He will bless you for your kindness and outreach to other people. I get a bigger blessing out of giving than I do receiving, but every now and then, it is good to be on the receiving end. And as a wise man told me just last week, "Just say Thank you." So, here goes it.... "THANK YOU BETHANY CHURCH FAMILY. YOU ARE ALL SOOOO VERY DEAR TO MY HEART, TO SCOT'S HEART, AND A BLESSING TO NOELLE AND CALE." "THANK YOU FOR ACCEPTING US, LOVING US, AND CARING FOR US."

It is a true joy and priviledge to be a Child of the King, to be the wife of Scot, the mother of Noelle and Cale, and to be a part of such a wonderful church family. I just wish my dear church family could see inside my heart. My words are sooo inadequate to express my love for them.
If I could have planned my life, I wouldn't have it any other way than the way it is, other than being a better person, and working more diligently to fix my faults and failures. Thank God for the Blood!

for the church where I worship and pray, for the freedom I have today, for your Spirit I feel,
your presence so real, thank you Lord.......

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