Friday, October 10, 2008

My Amusements

Yaay-I'm excited. I checked my blog views and it has been viewed 100 times as of 4:33 p.m. today! I know there are people I know who blog, but I don't know they blog: did you get that? Anyway....Blogging is a blessing to me, and so is reading other blogs. I get tickled sometimes when I read others posts. For instance, the other day I was looking at 2 different womens posts for that day, and one of them was all excited because she was buying makeup, etc.
The other lady was saying how we should just look natural and just carefully enhance our faces.
(foundation for blemishes, powder for shine) But thats the good thing about blogging, to each, their own! I read the post about the lady being excited to buy new makeup first, and I was thinking, Oh wow, I sure could use some new makeup, and then I read the post where the lady said that God made us beautiful and we should wear a minimum amount of makeup, and that if God wanted us to have "red" lips, we would have been born with "red" lips, and so my Mary Kay order sort of vanished! ha. The second lady saved me some money! ha.
Now, in no way, shape, or form am I suggesting that the lady that is purchasing the makeup is going to doll up like a Jezebel or anything. I think I can tell just by reading her other posts that she is not like that. I just found it amusing as to how we all differ, and it was just sort of funny to me that I read both posts at the same sitting. Both ladies have been a blessing to me in their blogs.
As for the makeup, I have been a faithful makeup shopper and wearer for 30 years. I used to would not open the door or even go to the mailbox without it; and Scot and I were probably married close to a year before he ever saw me with a complete "makeup-less" face. (don't you just love the words I come up with! lol.) but I've certainly mellowed on that
issue. I do like makeup though, but try not to look like a floozy! (Did I spell that right?!)

See, I told ya'll it's exciting livin' in my brain! lol.

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