Monday, October 6, 2008

Oct. 5, 08, Sermons

I enjoyed church services yesterday at Bethany. God is so good to always give us what we need.
Scot preached out of Isaiah 26:1-11 yesterday morning. He preached about the song to be sung of Judah and pointed out things about the city & people.
1. The strength of the city. (Salvation) The strength of the city is the walls. Jn. 6:46-47
2. The gates of the city. (A Way) (Invitation to a Whosoever) Jesus is the door and the ONLY way to obtain salvation. John 10:9
3. The Walk of the saved, vs 7 and 8 of the text
4. The Justice of God, Vs. 10 and 11 of the text

Yesterday mornings sermon was good, but last nights sermon helped me more.
The text was Ezekiel 47:1-12. This is a great read.
He talked about how that when we get saved, what we do after that to grow as a Christian is up to us. He compared our Christian walk to the depths of water listed in the scripture text.
1. Ankle deep- salvation, life of faith
2. Water to the knees- prayer life, praying faith
3. Water to the waste- more under water than not, works
4. Water to Swim in- resting faith

He told us that God desires for us just to "jump in". God has no end to our bountiful life.
I want to be in the water deep enough to swim in. I don't want to be satisfied with just an ankle deep Christian walk.

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