Friday, October 24, 2008


I admit, I have been soooo stressed the past few weeks due to two upcoming events in my life.
1. 25th class reunion
2. WMU meeting at Salem
I KNOW-IT WAS NON-SENSE ME BEING STRESSED! I knew it then, and I for sure know it now. It's easier to say it now though, because both occasions are in the past. Why do I get like that? I loved my classmates, I was looking forward to seeing each and every one of them, so why be stressed? No clue! As for the Salem Ladies Night, I had prayed, practiced, prayed and practiced some more, but I was a nervous wreck over it. Crazy, huh?
It was such an honor and joy to sing with my mother again. She and I used to sing all the time and I miss that. We sang "Step Into The Water" and "Just One More Soul" at the meeting. I played "There is A Fountain" during the offering.
All the ladies were very nice and kind to us. Mrs. Ressie and my Claire-Belle rode with me. That helped me so much. Mrs. Fae Maroon from Belmont spoke about some mission trips that she and her husband had taken. Her husbands daughter Karis and I grew up together. Mrs. Maroon did a good job speaking. And the food was divine!!! I haven't seen that many cakes in one room in my life! The Caramel Cake was scrumptious! I also met Mrs. Bennett. Her husband was the pastor here at Bethany 30 years ago. It was a pleasure to meet her.
So, with Gods great help, we made it through the songs and enjoyed the night.
WHY was I worried! I do fear God. I try to always sing the right song, in the right spirit, and I just count it a great responsibility to sing or speak about the lovely name of Jesus. He was faithful and true as always. But, now, I can relax until something else comes along that gets me a bit out of sorts! ha. Welcome to my world!

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