Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Spartan Story

The Spartans played shaving cream tag Tue. afternoon at Ballard Park. One of the moms best described the scene. She said that when she drove up, it looked like a bunch of little ghosts running around in the park! It started out as tag; it ended up in a free for all. Had I taken more clothes, I would have joined in. They all had a blast! All we could see was their eyes.
Tomorrow is the last race scheduled for the Spartans. It is at the Mall at Barnes Crossing, one of my most favorite places in the universe! (well, the inside of the mall is anyway) I will miss these dear people. The past 2 months have been wonderful for me, Cale, and Scot. Noelle missed it all due to work. She made 1 practice and 1 run, bless her heart.
I have new friends and aquaintances, so does Cale and Scot. I discovered Blogging from Roan.
I got to know my best friends son much better. Now Josh knows without a doubt that Aunt Liesa is a NUT! ha. I discovered that there are other parents out there with my passion for homeschooling. There are lots of children out there who still say Mam, Sir, Thank you, Please. I hear kids talking about going out in their back yard or woods and playing things like I used to play when I was young. For example; building forts, houses, etc. out of straw and wood. I've seen the older children help parents take care of the younger children of their family, willingly and happily I might add. There are kids out there who are 16 and 17 that still don't have drivers license, and thats a norm for them. I've witnessed 13 and 14, and even older teens that are not boy-girl crazy! They are waiting upon God for that special one. Oh, and the best thing I've seen is parents meaning what they say "the first time" and the children knowing that and just obeying "the first time." No, these kids aren't perfect, but I will say, it has been so refreshing to have been around these precious people. Now, there are some rounders there just like everywhere else, but I've enjoyed observing these kids, and feeling so refreshed that most are well behaved and so youthful acting, instead of so serious about things they have no business being serious about. These families are not like this just because they homeschool, so don't think I mean that public school kids are the skum of the earth or anything. I know other children that are obedient and fun too.
I just noticed some of these things the past few months that are so rare these days in families, and wanted to share my thoughts.
Also, tomorrow after the race, we will go to the Johnson Home for lunch. I will do my best to pack the camera tonight so I do have pic's this time. I've been slack on that the past 2 weeks.
I know, shame on me.
So, thanks to Coach Heather Duley, all the parents, and all the Spartans for such a great season!

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