Monday, October 27, 2008

Your Vote Matters

In our Sun. School lesson for Nov. 16, we will consider "Key Christian Duties," including the responsibility we as Christians have before God to respect, obey, and pray for those in authority. (see Rom. 13:1-7; I Tim. 1:2-3) We will briefly consider a few ways we can influence those who hold public office. It is not only our right, it is also our duty to get involved.
First, pray for wisdom and for the election in general.
Second, study the issues from a biblical perspective. Don't just listen to what the candidates say, look at their voting record and previous statements as well.
Finally, to the best of your ability, vote in a manner pleasing to God.

How important is one vote?
Consider this true story:
On election day in 1840, an Indiana farmer named Henry Shoemaker had traveled all day to cast his vote. He arrived at the county courthouse just as the polls were closing-just in time to vote for the candidate of his choice for the Indiana state legislature.
A close vote was expected, but not the heavy turnout that occurred. Shoemaker had to use a makeshift ballot since election officials had run out of official ballots. His choice for the state office was Madison Marsh, who was elected by just one vote.
But the story does not end there. In those days, U.S. Senators were elected by state legislatures. Madison Marsh cast his first ballot as a legislator for a man name Harrigan, who was elected to the United States Senate by one vote. During his tenure in office, Senator Harrigan voted for Texas to become the 28th state of the union; and oddly enough, it was by just one vote statehood for Texas was passed. We can only guess how different our world now would be were it not for Henry Shoemaker who, with determination, made his way to the polls that election day in 1840 to cast his ballot.
Don't sit this election out! Be involved. Your vote really does matter.

(I got this from our Sun. School Literature)

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