Sunday, October 12, 2008


Amy, JT, & Michael Lentz

Michael, Amy, and JT Lentz gave me the beautiful church bird house and gave Scot the cutting board for Pastor Appreciation. Michael built both of the gifts. Michael is very talented in wood working and builds some gorgous lawn furniture, gun cabinets, etc. I collect churches and houses, so the bird house was just perfect for me. He told me I could put it inside or outside, but I assured him it would stay in the house so I could keep it forever. Scot has wanted a bigger cutting board to cut up deer meat on.
Sometimes being in the ministry can be lonely, tiring, and I know I catch myself asking sometimes if it's even worth it. Of course the answer is always a great big yes, but we are only human, and we need encouraging every now and then. Thank you Michael, Amy, and JT for being so thoughtful and so encouraging. God used you to be a blessing to us. We love your family and can't wait for little "Georgia" to get here in Jan.
(Amy is expecting their first daughter in Jan. I call her Georgia. That is not the name they have chosen! JT says her name is to be Caitlin (with a C) Brown Lentz. Mom said thats not her name either! ha.)
God is so very good to us!

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