Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday's Sermon

Scot preached out of the book of Daniel yesterday morning. It was a very encouraging message.
In Dan. 6:10, Daniel knew the writing was signed, and that he was not suppose to pray for 30 days. Scot said that to stay out of trouble and keep from causing problems, Daniel could have just prayed in private for those 30 days. He asked what would happen if we let up for 30 days. What if we just stayed out of church, stopped praying, etc. for 30 days? It would be hard to get back in church and back in prayer; our spiritual lives would be dry, our children would even suffer from our decision. Ole Daniel just kept doing as he always had. He kept his window open and prayed! Scot pointed out several things about Daniel.

1. His character (flawless), vs. 4
2. His critics (lots of them), He was standing alone, vs. 7
3. His challenge, (don't pray for 30 days) vs. 7
4. His concern ( He prayed toward Jerusalem. This was his home. He was concerned for his family and friends) vs. 10
5. His Champion (God is Able!) Dan. 6:22
6. His choice Dan. 6:14

I desire to be a Daniel, even if it means standing alone, or worse, standing in a den of lions.
Christ is worth dying for, but most importantly, he is worth living for. That's what he wants; our lives! I will joy in the God of my salvation.

PS I love my Pastor!

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