Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good morning to all.
Just a few thoughts this morning. First of all, I feel so happy inside that I can hardly contain myself. God is so good. Beautiful day-Beautiful family-Wonderful peace-Awesome God!
Secondly, I am new at this blogging business, so as you can plainly see, some of my posts have way too much space in between them, etc. and I have no clue as how to fix that, so just look at the pretty red color as you scroll, I guess! I love blogging, I'm so glad I was introduced to it.
I have always wanted to journal, and I've started gazillions of them, but never keep it up.
Don't know why this is any different, but I look forward to getting on my blog each day. As you can tell, I'm WILD about my family. I know the pictures are probably a bit much, but they make me happy when I get on here, so... that within itself is a good thing.
I also love looking at other peoples blogs. I have looked at a couple of blogs that I don't even know the ladies who are bloggin', but I have enjoyed reading their ideas, writings about their families and days, etc.
Do ya'll ever just feel like stepping out on your front porch and yelling real loud? Nothing bad or anything; just something like "I LOVE LIFE!" or "GOD IS SOOOO GOOD TO ME!"
Why don't I do that, I wonder? It's how I feel, but I will try to contain myself, and just sing and be hyper within my walls. Don't want to scare the neighbors I guess! Ok, that was silly I guess, but that was in my brain. It gets pretty exciting in there sometimes! ha.

If you read this, Have a lovely, happy day!!! Happy Bloggin' to ya.

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