Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Sunday

We had wonderful services yesterday morning and last night at church. We had eight visitors yesterday morning which was a blessing. Scot preached a great message from Isaiah 25.
He encouraged us from verse 4 that 1. God has been a strength to the poor. 2. He's been a strength to the needy. 3. He's been a refuge from the storm. 4. He's a shadow from the heat.
He compared it to us today with our needs, storms of life, and even death. God has provided power over death and given us joy and peace. In verse 8, it says that God will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from off all faces;
I didn't know what the word "lees" was referring to, but Scot said it was preserving something.
And if we are saved, we are preserved by God, and of course His Word is preserved.

Once a month, we have singing instead of class from 5 to 6. The congregation sings quite a bit and if anyone that sings specials wants to sing, they can. Then, at 6, Scot usually brings the message. But last night, Scot got up and said that God had not given him anything, so he felt led to give us the opportunity to read a verse that was on our heart or to give a testimony about our salvation or tell what we are thankful for. Alot of people were telling how good God has been to them and some read scriptures they had on their heart. It was a very touching service. I sang my new song, "Tried and True". Noelle did a good job on her special. She sang "I'm Free".
At the closing of the service, I played and sang "He Touched Me" (by request) and the congregation stood and sang it with me. There was such a sweet spirit.
God is truly good.

Before church yesterday morning, I called my dear friend Angie Hutcheson and wished her a happy 40th birthday. I think I was more excited about her birthday than she was! ha.
She is very dear to my heart and has been such a blessing in my life. She deserved a great big happy day!

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