Friday, September 19, 2008

Pictures of our first day of homeschool.

Why I Homeschool

I borrowed a book written by Sally Clarkson from my friend Roan and in this book, I found this explanation of homeschooling, the best I've seen. It says what I feel and believe.

I am quoting the dear author:
"I have chosen to homeschool because it is my deep, heartfelt conviction that it is God's will for my life and for my family. If my decision to homeschool was because others are doing it, or because I thought it would be fullfilling, or even because it would be the best education for my children, then I would always be able to choose another option if I got too tired or overwhelmed, or discouraged. But if my decision to homeschool is because I am being obedient to the design for motherhood and family that I see revealed in Scripture, then I have no other options. My only option is to obey. If I am living my life by faith, in the power of the Holy Spirit, then I will endure whatever difficulties that choice to obey brings because of the joy set before me."......

Deuteronomy, Chapters 6 and 11 has encouraged me so much throughout the years.

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Roan said...

Liesa, I am enjoying your blog so much....every sidebar item, every picture, every post! You are such an encouragement. God has given you such a sweet spirit.
I loved rereading that quote. That's it!