Thursday, September 11, 2008


David and Cale, Gum Tree Run, 2008

Cale likes to run. It's not the love of his life; that would be baseball, hunting, and fishing! But, due to our choice to homeschool, baseball is not an option anymore since Little League is over. I don't say that in pity. We have made our choice, and we are happy with our choice. My point is.... I need to take lessons from my son. He has such a great attitude! He started thinking about something else he could do instead of baseball. Me, I stick with the same old stuff most of the time. Running is something you can do until you are no more able physically to run. His first goal was to run in the Gum Tree 10 K in Tupelo. The run would be in May, Sat. before Mothers Day. So, the first of Feb., Cale began training. He was faithful to train. He talked to other runners to get advise and help, he read Running magazines, and just searched for information wherever he could find it. He wanted a little experience before he ran the 10K, so he signed up for the Amory RailRoad Fest. Run in April which was a 5K. That way, he could get the feel for it, etc. He did well in that race, and kept running day in and day out after that. Gum Tree Race Day finally got here.

Our friend David entered the race just to be an encouragement to Cale. (Thanks David) Cale ran a good race that day; I was so proud. We are in a Homeschool group, Christian Home Educators of North MS, and they have a Cross Country Team. At our first group meeting, we learned more about this, and Cale met one of the runners, Forrest Tate, and on the way home that night, Cale told me he thought it would be more fun to run with other people, so we checked it out, and he joined the team. The team is such a wonderful group of boys and girls from our neighboring cities of Tupelo, Pontotoc, Blue Springs, New Albany, and others.

Their Coach is Mrs. Heather Duley. She is a little trick, but buddy, she's got spunk! She's a terrific coach. I'm thankful she gives her time. It makes a difference in lives. (Thanks Mrs. Heather)

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