Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sakes alive and jumping Jehoshaphat! My Internet was down for 24 entire hours! Don't roll your eyes! ha. I was away from home most of that time so I wouldn't have been blogging or reading e mails anyway, but just the fact that it was down bugged the soup outa me! All is well now, and I'm sooo glad.

As for things I want to blog about; Sunday was a wonderful day at church. The children and teen-agers have been practicing for our Christmas program for quite a while now, and every time we practice, they just melt my heart. I go around humming the songs they'll sing until the next practice. One of the songs reminds me of the movie "Little Women". Here goes the domino thinking that I seem to have... I'll have to watch "Little Women" pretty soon, cause that's the movie that is on my mind now. Back to the song: Here We Go A Caroling is the name of it, and the kids do a terrific job singing it. One of the other songs that they will sing is "Come Bless The Lord" and that one cranks my tractor as well. We have three girls and three boys singing and they just melt my heart. The teen agers plus Noelle and me are in a skit. It's about someone under the weight of sin and they want help getting out from under sin but all of their friends offer the wrong advise as of how to get out from under sin. (represented by weights)
One friend (me) tells them that they need a new set of weights since they can't lift that one and so I write Santa a letter requesting a new set. The second friend (Zach) takes this person a weight lifting magazine so she can read all about the subject. The third friend (Noelle) sings to the person under the weight trying to make them feel better. (Cale), the fourth friend takes her some Christmas cookies and tells her that she needs to get out from under the weight so she can come to church, (that's where he got the goodies). And then the final friend (Thomas) tells her that he can't lift the weight from her, but he knows someone who can, JESUS. Then (Claire) the person under the weight of sin asks Jesus to help her, and she is free from sin (weight).
We also will have a live nativity while Bro. Scot reads the Christmas story out of Matthew and Luke.

Sunday morning, Ken, Melinda, and Ava gave us a Christmas gift. It is a beautiful church ornament. It has the name of our church on it with all of our names on it. It is gorgeous. I will post a pic. of it later tonight. We also received a card with some money in it from The Moores. They are always so thoughtful and good to us. We have a wonderful church family! OK, I won't say it.... Yes, I will too! There goes God being good again!

Yesterday, I had a doctors appointment for my yearly check up. Alot of women hate it when this day rolls around, but I love my doctor and I look forward to seeing him. He is so uplifting, just an all round sweet man. I have had the same doctor since I was 15, which makes him so special to our family. I don't actually enjoy the check up though. As I was waiting for them to call me back, Cale and I talked with Amy and Michael. They're the couple from our church that will welcome a baby girl in a few weeks! I also saw a couple I know from Belmont and a lady I know from Fulton. Funny how it works out that no matter where you go, you end up seeing people you know.

After my appointment, Cale and I ate a late lunch at Cracker Barrel. I ate Chicken and Dumplings, carrots, green beans, and apples. Yum. Cale got ham, biscuits, and eggs. We shopped some in the store and then proceeded on to Life Way and the Mall. I had a gift card from Life Way, so I chose 2 new books for me. I'll share more about that later also.

We finally arrived back at home around 8:30 last night. As usual, we had a happy day together and I am now hereby finished Christmas shopping! Yay me!

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Hannah said...

Oooo...I love "Little Women". Last time we got it from the library, I watched it every day. Sometimes even twice a day or so. My brothers were very annoyed by the movie!

Love ya!!

PS. Nathan is doing much better today. He is still kinda sore, but he's better!