Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas with the Minnis Family

Picture Perfect!

The youngins

Scot & David

Josh and Cale played lots of games on Wii

Josh, David, Kathy

Me and my sign

Cale and Josh playing chess.
Noelle is checking out the chess set; it's Pirates of the Caribbean

The Georges

The Minnis's with Rajah

Mother and Daddy with Cale, Josh,
Noelle, David, and Kathy

Look who's sticking his head around the corner!

My family with mother and daddy.

No boys allowed!

David got a Kuerig for Christmas.
Daddy and I were helping him try it out!
The coffee was superb!

Happy David!

My wonderful friend

Our annual Christmas get together with our friends David, Kathy, and Josh was tonight. We went to their home around 4:30. We ate supper first. David and Kathy had lots of goodies! David made some delicious homemade chicken soup. They also had ham, rolls, bbq cocktail smokies, cheese, crackers, chips, and for dessert, they had mini cheesecakes and cookies. I carried dirt and mother carried homemade tea cakes. I also took some ham biscuits. We had such a wonderful time of fellowship while eating our meal.

After we ate, we exchanged gifts. David was mean to me! Everyone else opened their gifts and then it was my turn. I looked up and noticed that David, Kathy, and Josh were all staring at me and had funny looks on their faces. I honestly was a bit scared to open the gift. You can never tell about David! ha. It was a can of oysters! If you've read about me on the side bar, you know that oysters are listed under my list of dislikes. Of course, David knew that! After they had their fun, they gave me my real present. I loved it! We had been at the Gum Tree festival together this year in May and we passed by these signs and one of them read, "This too shall pass." I commented that I say that alot. If I'm having a bad day or there's something unpleasant going on, I always try to remember that This too shall pass. After my family left the festival, Kathy and David bought me that sign. They even had the artist to sign it for me. How sweet is that! I know if God had given me a sister, she would have been like Kathy, and of course my brother in law would be exactly like David! Words cannot nor will ever be able to describe how special these people are to me or how very much I treasure them in my life. It all started at the public swimming pool over 28 years ago with a nice girl asking me if I wanted to borrow some suntan lotion! See, there goes God again, He's soooo good.

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Becky said...

How amazing that you've been friends that long after your visit to the pool! PTL! What a blessing.