Friday, December 12, 2008


Late summer of 2006, we met a precious mother and her daughters at a homeschool meeting to plan the 2007 high school graduation. After seeing each other a couple of times, we got to talking and discovered that we had alot in common. I mean ALOT! The mothers name is Lisa, my name is Liesa; she is a Baptist Pastors wife, I'm a Baptist Pastors wife; we both love Cracker Barrel, we both sing; The list goes on and on. Our weddings were even the same color! (red) Noelle and her girls Natalie and Bethany clicked as well, so this was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. In January 2007, Noelle and I met Lisa's husband Bro. Tony and their son Tony II. We met them at their daughter Natalies 18th birthday supper. Come to find out, Bro. Tony and Cale (my son) have the same birthday, Dec. 29. Noelle and I came home that night telling Scot and Cale that they just had to meet this family. She and I were just overwhelmed. Since that time, Scot and Cale have become friends with the family as well and our families have enjoyed many good times together. I'm indebted to God for being so kind to send such fine friends our way.
I got an email from Lisa this morning, and then Bro. Tony called thinking he was calling Scot's cell. Well, my brain works like domino's. You know how you can line up dominos on their ends and tip the first one over and it continues to tip the other dominos one at a time. Thats how my brain thinks. I heard from Lisa and Bro. Tony, that made me think of last years Christmas fellowship that we had with them last year in our home. Of course, that made me think of pictures, then, that made me think of how good God is, etc. You get the point.


Cale and Tony II

Noelle and Natalie

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