Friday, December 5, 2008

Mrs. George Times 2

Before: After!
I went to Scot's mothers today to help her with her Christmas tree. She asked me over a week ago to come help her, so Cale and I worked in 5 days of school in 4 days, so I could go to Red Bay today. We got out all of her old decorations, and decided she needed new ones, so off to town we went. We had a wonderful time talking on the way. We go in with list in hand, do our business and come back out. We lost the car! I was pushing our buggy, following her, and we were going in between vehicles, just looking and looking! I was about to get down on the ground laughing. It was one of those "gotta be there" moments, but it really was hilarious. I told her that she and I have no business going off to a big town together, we really would get in trouble! We went back to her house and put the new decorations on her tree, and I think it's very pretty and sort of what I call a "dressy" tree. You know, compared to denim, khaki,.... oh never mind. I came home with some homemade potato soup and homemade wild rice and ham soup! That's what we had for lunch. It was so delicious, just right for a cold winter day!

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