Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Last Day of 2008!

Last night, I went to bed and read a few pages in the book I'm soooo enjoying, Walking with the Women of the Bible, by Elizabeth George. This book is set up more like a devotional. You can just read a page a day and get something out of it, but I can't just read one page a day, I Need More! I highly recommend this book to you. Even if you don't read alot or have time to read alot, this book will help you, and will give you lots to think about, and like I said, you can read one page a day and get some good soul nutrition. It has helped me to examine my own life, my own heart. I know I'm not a Mrs. Noah or a Rebekah, but I can learn from these women. E. George points out things in their life that I've never thought about. So far, Miriam and Jochebed (Moses sister and mother) have been the most surprising to me. I guess I've just never thought much about these women. You know, it's sort of like reading about the crucifixion, we read through it quickly and we don't let the agony and pain sink in. This book has challenged me to be a better woman, a more Godly woman, a more willing and joyful servant to God and to others.
So, last night I wrote down the ABC's in a notebook and started listing words beside each letter that I want to work on in 2009. You will think some of them are sort of silly and childish even, but you have to be in my brain to realize the significance of all these words to me. My kids would jokingly say, "and you don't even want to go There!"

Here goes:
A- agenda, attentive to God, awaken earlier
B- Bible, blog, be still, believe
C- care, calm, cross-stitch, chipper, contentment
D- doer of the Word, daughter, disciplined
E- exercise, encourage, eat less
F- faith, faithful, family, friend, friends, fellowship, forgiving
G- grow, godliness, goodness, gentleness, gladness, giving, glorify God
H- helper, hope, humbleness, honest
I- increase in knowledge and strength
J- judge not, joy
K- kindness, kneel
L- learn, laugh, love, listen
M- make most of..., mother
N- nice, no to world
O- organization
P- parents, prayer, play , peaceful
Q- quiet spirit
R- read, rest, relax, remember
S- schedule, school, sleep, smile, sing, study, stand
T- trust, try, tell, thoughtful, think
U- uplift, use time wisely, understanding
V- vitamins
W- wife, weight, witness, walk, work out, water, wait on the Lord
X- X-amine myself
Y- yield, youthful, yes to God
Z- zealous

Will I succeed at all of these? I won't write what I thought because it would give me room to fail, and I want to strive each day to be better. I'm saved! I'll still be saved if I don't work on any of these, but because of my salvation and the great price it cost my Saviour, I do want to work and live to the best of my ability. Bro. Green, my pastor at New Bethel used to come up with a saying at the first of each new year. In honor of him, here is mine for 2009. (that rhymed too!)
Let my light shine in 2009!


Lynn said...

I love your ABC list! I think that I might just print a few copies for myself to post around the house and in the van! Even if we don't succeed in all of them, I am sure God will be pleased with our hearts desire and our want to be better women of God! Thanks for your post, your blog is very encouraging to me! Hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed New Year!

Susan said...

I LOVE your ABC list idea! I may do that on my blog too. I was doing so well with my December Daily posts, and they fell apart after Christmas. This would be great for one more! ;)