Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas with the Pedens

Opal & Eddie Peden
You are missed!

I love this pic. Can you tell that Truman gets lots of attention from his sisters?

The Peden Children (2004)

Truman, Nora Ann, Brinda, Sandra, & Cathy

A room full!

For the past few years, we've played Dirty Santa each year. We always have sooo much fun and share many many laughs!

My Father in Law and Mother in Law
Nora Ann & Gordon

Scot & Noelle with Ma Ma and Pa Pa G.

Scot's sister Kim and her grandson Tristen

Cale, Tristen, & Meagan

(Meagan is our youngest niece)

There are 25 days age difference in Cale & Meagans ages.

The oldest Peden child and the only boy, Truman.

Truman's wife Ann with their grandson Tucker.

Kerry and Creda

(Truman & Ann's son and daughter in law)

Truman and Ann's daughter in law Chasity and her and Hoyt's baby Tucker

Truman with 2 of Kerry's children, Shayla and Steven

Hoyt (Truman's youngest son) and Chasity's boys, Alex and Tucker

Hoyt and Noelle

The third Peden Child Brinda with husband Gerald and granddaughter Lala

Brinda with Kim

Brinda with the 4th Peden child's granddaughter Samantha

Karissa (Sandra's daughter) and her son Ben

Cathy (the baby of the family) and Boyd Lee (Sandra's husband)

Sandra (the 4th Peden child) with grandsons Cameron and Ben

Pete (you gotta love him) and Cathy

Amber (Cathy's youngest daughter) and her sons Chandler and Cadon

When you look up the word 'Family' in the dictionary, a picture of the Peden family should be beside it. I count it an honor and a high privilege to be a part of this great family for almost 24 years, and am thrilled that my children have Peden blood flowing in their veins. It all started around 73 years ago when Opal McKinney and Eddie Peden married. They later had 5 children, 1 son and 4 daughters. This is the closest family I've ever been around. In the 24 years that I've known them, I've never seen or heard any backbiting, quarrels, jealousy, or anything bad about each other come out of their mouths. Although Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa Peden are both gone, and alot of the grandchildren are scattered, these 5 children put forth much effort to be a part of each others lives. They meet for each others birthdays throughout the year, have get togethers during the holidays, and sometimes, just because! They stick together like glue. It's very refreshing just to be in their presence. In Psalms, it mentions a goodly heritage. Dear Peden children and grandchildren, you are blessed with a goodly heritage!

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