Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cale's Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer!

If this grosses you out, just keep scrolling!

I have had my laugh for the day! Sakes alive, have I laughed!!! I got on here during break to post a pic. of Cale and the doe he killed Sat. morning. I'm just now getting the pic's downloaded. Anyway.... when I got to my blog, I noticed that Heather had a new post listed in my blog lists, so I clicked on her site, and lo and behold, it was about their adventure with a doe her husband killed last night. I sat there and literally laughed out loud while I read. Go to my side bar and click on her site and read her new post, it will make your day. (Dawg Days of The Duleys) The other thing that is so funny is as I was getting on my blog, I wondered if it would be o.k. to post a pic. of a dead deer, and then, I thought, well, I guess it will, after all, it's my blog, but then, after reading Heathers blog, I pretty much took that as a sign that I could post this! ha. My story is not quiet as humorous as hers though. Sat. morning, Scot and Cale went hunting. Scot was sitting wherever it is he sits and he said he was thanking God for the scenery, blessings, etc. He was also praying about Sunday's sermon, and then he said, "Lord, please provide some meat for my family" and just a few seconds later, he heard a gun shot, and knew it was Cale. He said, "Thank you God." Then, he heard another shot, and thought, Oh no, I hope he didn't miss! ha. In the mean time, Cale comes home on his four wheeler and calls his daddy's cell phone. I didn't know he did this. We have a system, we call the cell phone from home, then, the person with the cell phone calls back, that way the call is free. Anyway... Scot calls, wakes me up, and asks me what I needed. I told him I didn't need anything, I didn't call him. He continued to tell me that he had a missed call on his cell phone from home, and I continued to tell him that it was not me, and I knew nothing about it. ( I still didn't know about the deer) About 5 minutes later, Cale drives up on the four wheeler with his doe, a deer, a female deer. (sorry.... that was just in my brain!) (from The Sound of Music) Cale said, "Did Dad call? I called and waited on him for a little while, but he didn't return my call, so I left to go get the deer." Then, of course, I felt foolish. Still in my robe, I go out and take pictures like any good mother would do! lol. So, now we have some roasts and tenderloin!!! Yummy!!! And yes, we do thank God for the meat.

It really is fun being a red-neck! Ha.


Susan said...

My brother is a hunter too. I think he's gotten 4 deer so far this season. I know it makes good meat, but I'm so glad I don't have any hunters in my house! LOL My older son would probably get into it, but it's hard to go deer hunting in the CA desert while going to college! ;)

Tori said...

Oh my boys would kill to go hunting. They have rifles and guns but can't go because in Croatia it's majorly hard to get a gun and to shoot something is pretty much illegal.

You have such a nice blog and lovely family.
Glad I found ya!

Heather said...

When that picture popped up right away, I got tickled... something about Mississippi and deer strapped to 4 wheelers! :) Have a nice day! I have tried to follow your blog, but it says it doesn't have a feed. Try going into edit and change something around about allow people to follow or get the feed... that way when you post it automatically pops up on my dashboard! I miss y'all! :)