Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Cards

I love Christmas cards! I mean, I REALLY love Christmas cards! I have enjoyed looking at Christmas cards since I was a little girl. I remember being at my grandparents house after they'd get all their cards from church, and I'd sit for hours looking at each and every picture and getting my great-aunt Flora to read the inside to me. I would even memorize who sent each card, have her hold the card up, and I'd guess who it was from. I enjoy receiving cards and I also enjoy giving cards. And if you send me a card with a picture of your family or children, etc., I don't throw it away at the end of the season; I store it with all my other pictures. I like the cards that aren't' pictures of family and children too. I mean cards are art to me! Take time and look at them closely. I can imagine that I'm on the snowy hillside; sitting beside the beautiful warm fire; in the city with all the skaters; at the farm house with the aroma of cedar, pine, and apple pies. I have kept a card from each year that we've been at Bethany on my fridge. I have posted the card from 2004 above. Notice that Noelle is taller than Cale! She was 16 and he was about to be 12. The card below is our 2006 card. Noelle was 18 and Cale was almost 14. I will post other cards and pictures as I come across them. With postage so high, it's hard to send cards to everyone I think of and love, but I sure do try. I hand out cards at church and to our friends and family that I see on a regular basis, and that helps so much with postage. So, whether your card be a snowman, wreath, tree, bird, nativity scene, or of your loved ones, send it with love, and when the person who receives it opens it, they will feel the love enclosed!
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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