Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pictures of Cale's 16th birthday

Hmmm, what did Noelle get me?
2 pair of wind pants. Thanks Noelle.

WOW- a Garmin Running Watch
from Mom and Dad

Fits Perfectly!

Dad and Cale checking out the watch!

Apple Dumplings, birthday morning.

Cale and Harold checking out the new laser thingy Cale bought with some Christmas money.
(Don't worry, the gun is not loaded!)

Cale and Claire, great buddies.

I took this at precisely 2:44 p.m.
At that very moment, Cale was officially 16 years old.

Noelle & Cale at Chili's

Cale diggin' into his cheesecake.
Cale said he had a good birthday. He received many phone calls, cards, gifts of money, cologne, etc. from friends and family. The money will probably be spent on hunting, running, or his baseball card collection. I'm thankful for everyone who was so thoughtful and nice to Cale.

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Roan said...

Happy Birthday Cale! I guess you are ready to run with your new iPod and Garmin!