Saturday, December 13, 2008




Good grief, there's lots to blog about today! Here's a biggie! Scot proposed marriage to me 24 years ago tonight. He was home for Christmas. He was going to diving school in Houston, Texas at the time. I think he had just finished his schooling and was going to start a job in New Orleans after Christmas. We had a short engagement. You have to realize that our relationship was long distance. I was in beauty school and was thinking I wouldn't be finished until the summer, so we set our Wedding Date for Sept. 1, 1985. Then, sometime later, I realized that I could be finished with school in May if I worked hard, so we changed the date to June 22nd. I now realize that our decision to move the date up was not very thoughtful toward my parents. But, June 22nd it was! After Christmas, Scot and I saw each other one time in the months of Jan., Feb., Mar., & April. He then came home the first week of June for us to get our blood tests, then, he came back 2 or 3 days before our wedding, and that was that! No, we didn't' know each other that well, and I'd probably have a stroke should Noelle or Cale follow suit, but it's worked for 24 years! I got the best part of the deal. Scot has been a true-blue husband and daddy all these years. He is understanding, patient, loving, funny, and very wise. God gave me the best!


Susan said...

We changed our date too. Our original date was December 1, but Wes's parents were leaving for the mission field in October. So we moved it back to Oct. 12. My dad was quite interested in our reason for moving our wedding up by 2 months! ;)

I look back now and see how young and naive I was, and thank God for His watching over both Wes and me. I'm like you - I got the better end of the deal! LOL Wes has put up with a lot, but he has been wonderful.

Happy Engagement Day! ;)

Hannah said...

Awww! Happy Engagement Anniversary!! We got the Christmas card y'all sent us today!
Hope to see you soon!


Heather said...

How Sweet! Cute pics! I haven't figured out how to put up old pictures yet... I think it involves something formidable like ... scanning! (I fear the unknown!)

OK, so are you gonna No S? I am in, but the hardest thing is going to be coke for me. We will see!