Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Say "Merry Christmas"


I love the words "Merry" and "Christmas". And when you put them together, Wow; there's a joyously, warm, peaceful, happy feeling that just pours into my heart! Makes my step a bit lighter, my heart a tad gayer, and my day a lot brighter! How many times have you greeted someone with the words "Merry Christmas"? We only use that simple greeting for about 4 weeks out of an entire year, so use it often, mean it when you say it; you'll start a little spark in someones heart, and that might lead to them passing on that little spark, and we end up with lots of people in the Christmas Spirit. Say it to the person who checks you out at the store, people you meet on the street, just say it! "Merry" means full of gaiety or high spirits, delightful, jolly, joyous. And of course "Christmas" means Christ's birth. So make someones day, spread some cheer.... and to you and yours..... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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