Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pa-Pa Breatis

Yesterday, Dec. 12 would have been my Pa-Pa Breatis's birthday. He died of cancer when I was only 4 years old. That's been 39 years ago. I knew him a very short time, but he truly influenced my life in such a strong way that I remember him as if I saw him only yesterday. He was a plain man, a man of few words. He farmed for a living on land that he didn't even own. I can just see him walking toward me from across the big field. I knew it was lunch time! He would always be so glad to see me. He would pretend to eat the mud pies and cakes I had made under the old cedar tree beside his house. I remember this thin long olive color pillow that I would put on his knee like a saddle, climb on and ride a horsie! Most of all, I just remember his kind words that he had time to say to me. I would that I have such an influence on people even if they only know me for such a short time. I miss Pa-Pa even after all these years. He was a gentle, loving, and kind man. I'm thankful I knew him, and that I remember him so vividly.

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