Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mississippi-Alabama plus Snow Equals Antsy-ness!





I listened to the radio earlier to see what they were saying about the weather. The reporter said that the chance of snow had been called off for North Mississippi. About 20 minutes later, I looked out the window and what to my wondering eyes did appear? Yes, SNOW! Wow!!! I took some pictures, but it's hard to capture snow in the air, or it is to me. It's not sticking much of course, but it is pretty to look at falling so gently. I am posting pic's of some things I'm very thankful for today, and things I am enjoying today!


Did I say earlier that I get antsy when it snows? Well, I have been antsy all afternoon. Scot called and said that he and his gas truck were in a ditch in Alabama. Noelle was stranded at a friends house for a while. I called to check on my mother and father in law and they had just got out of a ditch. They had gone to help my sister in law who works at a group home. Their power had gone off, so they went to carry some gas heaters. The weather wasn't bad when they left, but by the time they got there and went in and helped them for about 30 min., the snow had really fallen. They are in Alabama and they got more than we did here. Scot and Noelle both work in Alabama too. Later, I got a text that one of our deacons, (ya'll know Harold) was sitting on the side of the road in Alabama, and Noelle called after that and said that our friend Robert Holland had slid sideways in his truck. I have since talked to everyone that was stranded and all are ok. Everyone is home except for Scot and he is now on his way. I am thankful all is well.
So there- I was antsy!

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