Friday, January 30, 2009

Tea Time (only) By George!

Last week, I posted about buying some 'Snowberry' tea that was marked down 90%. I also posted that I'm not a big fan of hot tea, but surprisingly, I actually like this. Black coffee is still my favorite, but this tea is not too bad. I have always wanted to like hot tea. I have several pretty tea pots and cups, but I just never found a flavor I liked until now. I'm glad I bought 3 boxes of it! So, why the picture? You just have to be in my crazy mind! ha. Remember that I get my kicks out of little things! I just found it amusing that I was drinking gourmet tea out of a John Deere mug; a little country-city mixture going on there; some might even consider it Red-Neck! ha.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a Difference A Letter Can Make

I was emailing a friend this morning, and in my email I mentioned that I was happy to see the 'sun' shining. I made a typing error. I typed 'sin' instead of 'sun'. (the i and u are right beside each other) Something occurred to me when that happened. SIN has 'I' in the middle of it. SUN has 'U' (God) in the middle of it. 'I' get myself in trouble, but when I keep God where He is supposed to be, my load is lighter and my day is brighter, and it's easier for me to let my light shine and glorify Him. He must increase, but I must decrease. John 3:30
That's not too deep but God used it to bless and encourage my heart this morning.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Puppy Chow

No, we've not started making dog food around here! Noelle is taking this delectable stuff to work with her tomorrow. She let us sample it and it is dog-gone good! whoops!

Puppy Chow

1 stick butter (we bought the real McCoy!)
12 oz. bag milk chocolate chips, (we got Hershey)
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 large box Crispix cereal
1/2 cup peanuts,(optional)
1 box (yes a whole box) powdered sugar
Melt butter, choc. chips, and peanut butter. Pour over cereal. Mix until coated. Pour sugar in a big bag with coated cereal and shake until coated with sugar. Pour in a large bowl and pass around, yum!

Love Worth Finding Devotion for Today

January 27

BIBLE MEDITATION:“...and thou shalt call His name Jesus: for He shall save His people from their sins.” Matthew 1:21


Are Christians fools for believing in Jesus? Are we serving a false God? If you go to the tomb of Confucius, you’ll find it’s occupied. If you go to the tomb of Buddha, you’ll find it’s occupied. If you go to the tomb of Jesus, you’ll find it empty. He is a risen Savior. Now that’s very important, because, you can take Confucius out of Confucianism and still have Confucianism, and you can take Buddha out of Buddhism and still have Buddhism. But you cannot take Jesus Christ out of Christianity and still have Christianity because Christianity is not a code. It’s not a creed. It’s not a cause. It is Christ Himself.

ACTION POINT:You have a hope that the world needs to hear about. Who can you share that hope with today?

I have to throw in my 2 cents. The devotion today cranked my tractor! I don't serve a dead man, I don't worship some "thing", but I know, serve, and worship the risen Christ Jesus. I don't know about you, but that stirs me! As the old song goes, If God is dead, then who is this living in my soul? LG

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lilie Kate's First Sunday at Church

Miss Lilie Kate Lentz made her debut at Sunday school and church yesterday. 3 week old Lilie was a very good girl during her first church service. Mom, Dad, and Big brother J.T. all looked very nice, and were so happy to be back in church together. After the service, Bro. Scot got her out of her carrier for pictures. He has pictures of him and each of the children at church on his office door. We are so blessed to be a part of this wonderful church family. Michael and Amy are fine parents. We look forward to watching Lilie grow, and to continue to watch J.T. as he gets older.

J.T. (looking sharp) with Noelle

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Birthday Time!

We enjoyed an early supper at
Oh Bryans steakhouse in Hamilton, AL.
We came back to our house for apple dumplings and coffee!
Another Yummmmy!!!
Daddy opening his gifts.

Pa Pa James and his youngin's!

Ma Wanda, Cale, & Noelle

Me with Scot & Daddy

Me surrounded by my men!

Me with Mother and Scot

Noelle was listening.
We must have been boring! ha.
(She had been up since 5 a.m.)

Happy Birthday to my favorite 'Gentle' man

My Daddy The Carpenter

(words & music, Liesa G. George, copyright 1996)

There are many songs that speak of a mother's love,

And those songs are very dear to my soul.

But I have a story to tell you,

About my daddy the country carpenter.

Nothing new to me you see,

I've known it all along,

That my daddy the carpenter

Knows the Carpenter from Galilee.

My daddy the carpenter

Knows the Carpenter from Galilee.

He didn't have to tell it,

It was plain to see.

His humble prayers and his kind heart

Made it obvious to me

That my daddy the carpenter

Knows the Carpenter from Galilee.

He could make somethin' special

Out of a plain 'ole piece of wood.

He'd put the finished touches

Only like my daddy could.

That's sort of what happened

When my daddy was just a lad.

God took that little carpenter,

Made this girl a real fine dad.

Happy Birthday Daddy,
from Daddy's girl!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Refreshed, but tired!

Today was a rare day for me, like really major rare! We did school in reverse today. Usually Cale works on the subjects that he does independently first thing each day, giving me time to get some chores done, and then, after lunch, I help him with Math, English, Science, & sometimes History. Today, we started with Science, English, and Math, and I left here at 12:20. My first stop was to get my new glasses. Whoaaa, I will definitely have to get used to them. These are my first bifocals. I'm having to figure out where to look according to what I'm looking at. But, I like them thus far. Then, I headed to Tupelo. I decided to eat somewhere different today. I really don't like eating alone, but I wanted to eat some place that I like more than my family does, since I was alone, so I chose Olive Garden. I ordered chicken scampi, salad, and bread sticks. I especially like their salads. I took my time and savored each and every bite. After I ate, I went to Life Way Christian Book Store. Remember, I was alone. (that's why the day was so rare) I spent almost 2 hours in there! What a treat! Tomorrow is my Daddy's birthday, so I was shopping for him. I got him 4 books and I bought myself the tea that was on sale for 90% off. Then, it was off to the mall. I bought birthday cards and 2 Yankee candles ($1.oo ea.) in Hallmark, a belt for Daddy in JC Penney, and I drank an IBC root beer in Barnes and Noble while I was looking at Cross Stitch magazines and a Calligraphy kit. The root beer is all I purchased in there. A lady that I was on the same aisle with and I struck up a conversation. Come to find out, she's a librarian, a mother, a Christian, etc. We had a very nice conversation. We even knew some of the same people. Anyway, that was neat! I stayed about an hour in Barnes and Noble, headed to Wally World for groceries, and pulled in my drive way at 9 p.m. I enjoyed my day, but I will admit, I felt really out of place and I missed my family very much. Today was nice, but I think I will keep days like today very rare! I will post more about my Daddy's birthday tomorrow. The first few songs playing are dedicated to him.

Me with my new glasses.

I treated myself to tea (gourmet tea at that) and Yankee candles. Who cares that the candles are Christmas scented! I paid $1.00 each for the Bayberry candles and $.70 for each box of tea. I'm not a big hot tea drinker, so I don't like to spend alot of money on it, but I thought I might like this kind, it has berry flavors in it. (Snowberry blend)

Lilie Kate

Scot had a cold when Lilie Kate was born, so Tue. night is the
first time he held her.
Noelle holding Lilie

What a pretty girl.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Carolyn!

I am not going to say how old Carolyn is.....
Nope, you can't pry it out of me!
Yummy steaks, salad, green beans, baked potatoes and bread.

Scot, Bernice, Pete, (Harold's Mother & Daddy),
Harold, and Carolyn

Catherine, Carolyn and Harold's older daughter made the cake

Carolyn and Catherine looking on as Harold lights the candles.
He also washed the dishes afterwards!

Mrs. Victoria (Carolyn's mother) listens as Carolyn
reads the "nice" card Catherine gave her.

Lots of funny things going on!

Claire Bell and Cale Bo

My dear friend Carolyn celebrated her birthday yesterday. She is our deacon Harold's wife.
You've read about him before! Anyway, their daughter Claire and our children are good friends also. Carolyn has been so nice and kind to me and my family since we got here over four years ago. She has been a true friend and a blessing to me. I baked a chocolate cake Sun. and invited Carolyn, Harold, and Claire over after church. Mrs. Bernice and Brandon came over too. We enjoyed a time of fellowship, sandwiches, cake, coffee, and tea. As the Wilson's were leaving, Harold waited until Carolyn was almost to their car and he told us we were welcome to come to their house Mon. night for supper. This was to be a surprise to Carolyn. He and the girls were in cahoots to have her a surprise fun filled celebration. I've mentioned to you before what a good cook Harold is, well Mon. night was no exception. The steaks and trimmings were delish! Carolyn is not a big nut like me, she is more reserved and quiet, but she's used to people like me due to her being married to Harold, and of course their daughters inherited some of his humor and silliness! Carolyn is very dear to my heart and I wish her a blessed year as she begins a new decade in her life. Note: I didn't mention which decade! ha. Happy Birthday Carolyn.

I Give You To God

Swearing in of the 44th President of the United States of America

Before the inauguration.
President elect Obama, Laura Bush, President Bush, & Michelle Obama

President Bush speaking with Malia and Sasha

Shall we dance?

Vice President Joe Biden with wife Jill

Yesterday was a somber and quiet day in my home. There's usually alot of yack and laughter going on, but not yesterday. The television is a no-no on school days, but yesterday was the exception. It wouldn't have mattered if we were swearing in Porky Pig (no comparisons intended), we would have been glued to the t.v. watching each and every detail. This was a "history" day! When I say 'history', I'm not just speaking of the first African-American President, I'm speaking, this is it for the 44th inauguration, no matter who is was. I mean America is over 200 years old, and this is only the 44th leader we've had, and really, there hasn't been 44 leaders due to some of them serving more than one term in office. In my lifetime of almost 44 years, I've seen Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama sworn in. President Ford didn't even have an inauguration day due to the circumstances of that time. President Johnson was president when I was born. So, as I said, yesterday was a very historical day. I thought yesterdays inauguration was very well planned out and organized, two things I appreciate with any event. I was impressed with several things of the day. Alot of things are just for show due to all the media, etc., but at the same time, this is what I saw: I saw President and Mrs. Bush being very cordial, helpful, and encouraging to the Obama's; I thought it very nice and thoughtful of Mrs. Obama to have a gift for Mrs. Bush, I loved the clothes the Obama's chose for the day-very tasteful- but not over the top, Sasha and Malia Obama were very well behaved-that's always a plus, I loved it when the reporter told that the Obama children would still be required to make their own beds in their new home, he also said that President Obama doesn't drink coffee, but also continued to say that he doesn't drink alcohol either, so that made me happy, (the alcohol, not the coffee part!) My Country Tis of Thee sung by Aretha Franklin was a winner to me (as I do have some "soul" in me!), was just a pleasant kind of day to me. The hoopla is history today and the real work is begun. This is the day that if we've not started to pray already, we need to begin. We need to pray for our leader, President Obama. I am very candid in that I did not vote for this man, I did not support this man in any way, not because of color, age, experience, etc., but simply because of his stand on certain issues. Those issues include homosexuality and abortion. I do not type anything this morning on my blog that I would not respectfully, yet firmly express to my president face to face. I stand upon God's Word and I shall not be moved. BUT, Barack Obama is now MY president and I choose to support him with my prayers and well wishes respectfully and sincerely. I too once was blind, but now I see, and the same God that saved me by his marvelous grace can convict our nations leaders hearts and show them the truth of His Word. With that said, I do enjoy seeing the Obama family on t.v. and I enjoy reading about them. They seem very sincere, they seem very fun, thoughtful, and caring. I love the vigor, charm, friendliness, and zeal about them. No one can accuse them of being "stiff". President Obama's job and my job are two different things: His is to lead our great nation, mine is to pray for him and to hold him up to God. I don't wish for this man to fail in any way. Should he fail, we all fail! His success is our success. I encourage each of you, no matter how you feel about him personally, pray diligently for President and Mrs. Obama and their children, and for the other leaders of our nation right down to the mayor and council people of our towns. God is still faithful, true, long-suffering, kind, and all-powerful. I may never be known to Presidents and Kings here below, but the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords knows my name, He knows my heart, He knows my thoughts; How special I am to Him! , so therefore I feel quite comfortable casting all my cares upon Him and trusting Him with my hearts desires and all my fears. I am thankful to be an American, and it's just by the grace of God that I am, but I'm even more thankful to be a child of the King and to know that I'm bought by the blood of my Saviour Jesus. I'll close with these verses that have been such a comfort to me through the years. I Thessalonians 5:16-18 Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thank You President and Mrs. Bush


I will miss you.

May God Bless You & Yours.

Good Books

I've discovered Gilbert Morris! He's not new, but I'm new to his books. Noelle received a series of his books for Christmas and I picked up the first in the series one day last week just to browse through it and ended up reading the entire book. I finished it late last night. I will begin the next book in the series at my next reading time. Santa Fe Woman had an exciting story line, but was also a testimony of God's grace and leading. It had good romance and adventure with a western flair! I also finished reading Walking with the Women of the Bible by Elizabeth George. Elizabeth is at the top of my favorite author list! I had the pleasure of meeting her several years ago when she spoke in Verona, MS. Elizabeth does use other versions of the Bible, but I look the verses up in my KJV. Her commentary is excellent. I cannot begin to tell you how much this book helped me or how much I learned from this book. I highly recommend this book to you; I believe you will look at the women in the Bible in a different light as I have. Also, she inspired me to want to renew or add these qualities to my Christian walk with God. Being a Godly woman is very old-fashioned these days, but it's still in The Book, God's Holy Bible, and it still stands true today. Godliness is not popular, but it's still right! I strive for this daily, and fail as I may, God is faithful and true, and guess what: He love-love-loves me!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful, but the Fire is So Delightful!

The fire will warm my hands and toes.....
My Coffee Station~
Warms me on the inside.

Comfy chair, warm throw, good book,
and of course, my reading glasses!

I took a pic. of this at noon.
Feels colder than 30!

I thought today was a good day to share some cozy pictures.
We are cold in Mississippi!