Friday, January 2, 2009

Is There Anything Too Hard For God?

The answer to this is a great big, gigantic, definite NO!!!
Yesterday, when we got home from New Albany, we began working around here to have things prepared for the afternoon. The Monk Family, Wilson Family, and Brandon Jones were all coming over around 2:30. The men went hunting and we gals stayed here and gabbed, laughed, and giggled, and acted plum silly!!! Who needs liquor? Just get a bunch of ladies together who have had very little sleep, and most of them are a bit on the nutty side anyway... and honey, you got a show! Here is what this post is about..... Before anyone arrived yesterday, I was in the kitchen cooking the meat for the taco's. In the midst of this, I noticed that the diamond in my engagement ring had fallen out! I was devastated, I went into a frenzy! Scot was trying to comfort me. He was telling me how it was just a thing, and we could get another one, and I knew if need be, he'd use his Christmas money, my Christmas money and even the kids Christmas money(well, maybe not!) to get me a new ring, but I didn't want a new ring, I wanted the very stone that he had made payments on over 20 years ago. I wanted this tiny stone that no one else would probably even notice or want! I wanted the very stone that had been on my finger during good times and bad times the past twenty something years. I was crying, and when I cry, I don't just whimper around, I cry hard! Noelle even suggested we call our friends and cancel the supper. Another problem occurred to me; what if the stone had fallen into the taco mixture? Should I tell everyone to be careful chewing in case? No, they won't enjoy the meal, but what if someone breaks a tooth or swallows my diamond? What to do! I finally got myself together and the Monks arrived. I quickly confessed that Yes, my eyes are swollen, I've been crying, I have lost MY stone out of my engagement ring! Lisa immediately wanted to call out a search party with flash lights to find it, but I told her that I was keeping my eyes open for it, but I had been from this to that since we got home, and there was no tellin's where the stone was. So, the guys went hunting, and we ladies stayed here. After an hour or so visiting in the living room, we decided we were getting hungry. The hunters told us before they left that it would be ok for us to eat without them, so we headed to the kitchen to finish preparing the meal. Lisa was standing close to the window and sink and she commented that she was chilly. I had forgotten about opening a crack in the window earlier when I was cooking, so I reached up to put the window down, and there was my stone lying on the window sill! I shouted and started jumping up and down! "I found my diamond!!!! Oh, thank the Lord, I found my diamond!" All the girls came running in there rejoicing with me. Earlier when we were in the living room, I had said a silent prayer asking God if it could be His will to help me find my stone, and He did! ...Rejoice with me; for I have found the piece which I had lost. Luke 15:9b


Roan said...

I am so glad you found your stone! I completely understand your stress. It is the fact that it was the original stone that Scot paid his hard-earned money so long ago for. I have told Jimmy many times that the engagement ring he gave me (paid for with money he had saved from childhood...from cutting grass and other jobs) is the only ring I'll ever want. I will NEVER want an "upgrade". I am so happy for you! :)

Anonymous said...

hey Liesa, My name is Lynda and I enjoy reading your blogs about your family. I was wondering who is singing the song on your homepage I believe the title is life gets better but i do not know who sings it i thought it might be ricky sckaggs but i may be wrong if you would like you can email me the info thanks

Becky said...

How incredible that is!