Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Women of The Bible

I am enjoying Genesis more this time than I ever have before. I had been reading a book about women of the Bible and some of the things that the writer brought out in that book has helped me look at the lives of Eve, Mrs. Noah, Rebekah, Sarah, and some of the other ladies quite differently than before. I just never had put much thought into them I guess. I'm not reading Job yet in my daily reading, but Bro. Harold has been teaching out of Job on Sunday nights at church. Something dawned on me the other night; I just sort of sat there dumb-founded! I was proud of myself though. The thoughts I had were so overwhelming that it's honestly a miracle I didn't stop the class with one of my "oh my goodness" moments! Mrs. Job is talked about negatively alot and put down. Well, I put myself in her shoes the other night and I felt downright sorry for her. Not only did Job lose everything, but poor Mrs. Job did as well. Now, God could replace my material possessions and He could heal my husband, but no matter how many more children He gave me, it would never replace the ones I already had. Give that some thought and then put Mrs. Job down; I can't! Who knows what I would have said or done in her situation. I'm not condoning her telling Job to curse God and die, but I can say I understand a bit more since I gave it some thought and tried to walk in her shoes. I know God does all things well and that He's always right, but I saw Mrs. Job in a different light and I thought I'd share.
Sometimes I think we don't realize that the people in the Bible were just like we are, they were made of flesh and bones, they weren't "super" men and women. They were just ordinary people that were willing to be used by God. Just reading about Abraham and Isaac lying about their wives, Rebekah deceiving Isaac helps me to see that they sinned and made wrong choices, but God always forgave and used them for His glory anyway. That's great news to me and very encouraging to me! I mean well, but I'm human and I can mess up so badly at times. That doesn't make it right, but it does give me hope that I can be forgiven and that God will still use me if I'll let Him. He's just so good in spite of my goofy self!

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