Friday, January 23, 2009

Refreshed, but tired!

Today was a rare day for me, like really major rare! We did school in reverse today. Usually Cale works on the subjects that he does independently first thing each day, giving me time to get some chores done, and then, after lunch, I help him with Math, English, Science, & sometimes History. Today, we started with Science, English, and Math, and I left here at 12:20. My first stop was to get my new glasses. Whoaaa, I will definitely have to get used to them. These are my first bifocals. I'm having to figure out where to look according to what I'm looking at. But, I like them thus far. Then, I headed to Tupelo. I decided to eat somewhere different today. I really don't like eating alone, but I wanted to eat some place that I like more than my family does, since I was alone, so I chose Olive Garden. I ordered chicken scampi, salad, and bread sticks. I especially like their salads. I took my time and savored each and every bite. After I ate, I went to Life Way Christian Book Store. Remember, I was alone. (that's why the day was so rare) I spent almost 2 hours in there! What a treat! Tomorrow is my Daddy's birthday, so I was shopping for him. I got him 4 books and I bought myself the tea that was on sale for 90% off. Then, it was off to the mall. I bought birthday cards and 2 Yankee candles ($1.oo ea.) in Hallmark, a belt for Daddy in JC Penney, and I drank an IBC root beer in Barnes and Noble while I was looking at Cross Stitch magazines and a Calligraphy kit. The root beer is all I purchased in there. A lady that I was on the same aisle with and I struck up a conversation. Come to find out, she's a librarian, a mother, a Christian, etc. We had a very nice conversation. We even knew some of the same people. Anyway, that was neat! I stayed about an hour in Barnes and Noble, headed to Wally World for groceries, and pulled in my drive way at 9 p.m. I enjoyed my day, but I will admit, I felt really out of place and I missed my family very much. Today was nice, but I think I will keep days like today very rare! I will post more about my Daddy's birthday tomorrow. The first few songs playing are dedicated to him.

Me with my new glasses.

I treated myself to tea (gourmet tea at that) and Yankee candles. Who cares that the candles are Christmas scented! I paid $1.00 each for the Bayberry candles and $.70 for each box of tea. I'm not a big hot tea drinker, so I don't like to spend alot of money on it, but I thought I might like this kind, it has berry flavors in it. (Snowberry blend)


Anonymous said...

You look FAB-U-LOUS in your new specs! said...

Oooooh, I love Lifeway's clearance sales!