Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Little Town, Great Folks!

Thursday, when the kids and I ate lunch with Mother at Belmont Restaurant, a very good place to eat by the way, my dear friend Joel who I have mentioned in past posts was having lunch with Mr. Paige Cothren. I asked if it would embarrass them if I took a quick pic. of them. Joel is so shy (NOT). I told them to beware of The Blog! Mr. Cothren is an author of several books. He graduated from Ole Miss where he played football, earning All-American at fullback. He also played professional football for the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles. For 25 years, Mr. Cothren ministered in Directive Counseling Center, Memphis, TN, a ministry which he had founded and which saw about 1500 people each year. I obtained 3 of his books at my friend Karen's flower shop that day. Joel and Mr. Cothren were coming back to Joel's business which is beside the flower shop when I was about to leave, so I asked Mr. Cothren to sign the books. He was a very nice man who is prepared and enjoys telling others the good news of Jesus.

I took pictures of some of the businesses in "my town". Belmont is a very friendly, helpful town. People like Joel at Belmont TV, Karen at Belmont Florist, and The Williams family at Belmont Restaurant are just a few that have great service, products, and a hospitable spirit about them. I love my town and my people!

Belmont TV

Belmont Restaurant
City Hall


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