Tuesday, January 6, 2009

From the Pen of My Husband

2009 lays before you like a fresh blanket of snow.
Every step will show your directions, your dedication, and your decisions.
If you make close observation,
One can tell the pace you traveled,
And the weight of the burden on your back.
It will show your accomplishments and your failures.
So let us think (plan) carefully each step.
Yes, there will be times of laughter and joy,
And times of tears and sadness.
Now before the first step,
Let us plan carefully our steps.
What I plan to do for Christ this year.
In 365 days, I can look back and say,
I made a few mistakes (we don't plan these, but they happen).
But, I can say,
I did my best for Christ.

Scot George

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