Monday, January 12, 2009

Home Sweet School, I See

The second half of Cale's sophomore year of school began this morning. It was a busy day to say the least. Noelle and Scot had to be at work at 7:00 and 7:45. Cale and I had breakfast and started on chores and school. I had an appointment at the optometrist this morning at 10. Cale worked independently until I got back from the doctor. I also bought groceries while I was out. This was not a pleasure trip, we were out of just about everything. When I got home, Cale helped me unload and put the groceries up, then, we got started on the subjects I need to help him with; Math, English, and Science. After school, Cale went running and I started cooking supper. Now, back to my appointment: I "see" glasses in my near future, next week to be more specific. I've "seen" this coming for a while now. My reading glasses just don't fit the bill anymore. I chose some really cute ones, well, maybe cute is not the right word at my age. Maybe mature would be a better description. I also "see" bifocals in my future, but I got the ones without lines, so no one will know except for me, and of course you. I do "look" forward to not feeling like there's a war going on in my eyes every time I look up from looking down, or vise versa. Scot said he is excited for me to get them. He said then I would be able to see just how good looking he really is. I told him that I'm not blind! I will do my best to post a picture of my new eye wear when I get them.

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