Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Carolyn!

I am not going to say how old Carolyn is.....
Nope, you can't pry it out of me!
Yummy steaks, salad, green beans, baked potatoes and bread.

Scot, Bernice, Pete, (Harold's Mother & Daddy),
Harold, and Carolyn

Catherine, Carolyn and Harold's older daughter made the cake

Carolyn and Catherine looking on as Harold lights the candles.
He also washed the dishes afterwards!

Mrs. Victoria (Carolyn's mother) listens as Carolyn
reads the "nice" card Catherine gave her.

Lots of funny things going on!

Claire Bell and Cale Bo

My dear friend Carolyn celebrated her birthday yesterday. She is our deacon Harold's wife.
You've read about him before! Anyway, their daughter Claire and our children are good friends also. Carolyn has been so nice and kind to me and my family since we got here over four years ago. She has been a true friend and a blessing to me. I baked a chocolate cake Sun. and invited Carolyn, Harold, and Claire over after church. Mrs. Bernice and Brandon came over too. We enjoyed a time of fellowship, sandwiches, cake, coffee, and tea. As the Wilson's were leaving, Harold waited until Carolyn was almost to their car and he told us we were welcome to come to their house Mon. night for supper. This was to be a surprise to Carolyn. He and the girls were in cahoots to have her a surprise fun filled celebration. I've mentioned to you before what a good cook Harold is, well Mon. night was no exception. The steaks and trimmings were delish! Carolyn is not a big nut like me, she is more reserved and quiet, but she's used to people like me due to her being married to Harold, and of course their daughters inherited some of his humor and silliness! Carolyn is very dear to my heart and I wish her a blessed year as she begins a new decade in her life. Note: I didn't mention which decade! ha. Happy Birthday Carolyn.

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