Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is my mother. Today is her 63rd birthday. Noelle, Cale, and I met her at Belmont Restaurant for lunch. I called my friend Karen at Belmont Florist and had her to have a long stem red rose and a birthday balloon waiting on Mother at "her" table. We treated her to lunch and gave her 2 albums of pictures taken the past year. She shares my love of pictures. I had also picked her up some of her favorite things at Cracker Barrel last week. (fried apples, crackers, Yankee diffuser.) I also baked her a bread pudding this morning. She prefers that to a cake. I've mentioned before that bread pudding is our families comfort food. Mother hasn't felt well this week, so I thought she'd enjoy that. I love eating with her at the restaurant. I wish I could be there every single day of the week. I enjoy spending time with her, but I also enjoy seeing alot of my hometown people. I pray Mother has a wonderful day from beginning to end. God gave me the best when He let me be born to her.
Noelle & Ma Wanda

Cale & Ma Wanda

When I was about to take Noelle and Mothers pic., a life time friend of Mothers, Bro. Hollis Boyd walked up. I motioned for him to get in the picture!

Mother & Daddy

Mother and her baby girl (me)

This pic. was taken on her 60th birthday 3 years ago.

We surprised her that morning at her favorite breakfast cafe with a cake for her and all her breakfast buddies.

Momma's Song

Words & Music

by Liesa G. George

Sept, 1996


A healthy little baby girl

Or so it seemed.

With sparkling eyes

And a smile that simply gleamed.

She took her first step

All seemed o.k.

But sickness came to her one summer day,

Times were hard for her family.

Just plain ole country folk,

Now their hearts were broke.

That little toddler would have to learn to walk again.

Her life would never be the same

She's limp and be in pain

But determined, she'd make the best of it.

She'd grow up and be a wife,

A mother, and a friend for life,

A helping hand to others all around.

For many years we've sang down here

Off afar and sometimes near,

But it won't compare to the songs we'll sing up there.

We'll sing a duet for the King

He's the reason we always sing

And we'll walk and sing down heaven's avenue.

But Momma, one day you'll get a brand new body.

No more pain you'll ever have to bare.

For each tear you've ever shed

I wish you joy ten fold.

And may you run up and down the streets of gold.

I wanna see you run up and down the streets of gold.


Susan said...

What a beautiful dedication to your mother. Hope she had a wonderful day.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again.

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Susan said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! She is near the same age as my parents.