Saturday, March 7, 2009

Supper With Friends

Thursday, my friend Lisa called and said they would be eating supper at Cracker Barrel that night and wanted to know if we could join them. Well, who can pass up CB? Seriously, I couldn't' t pass up a time of fellowship with our dear friends! We only got to visit for a little over an hour, but I felt like the Lord had worked this visit out for me, because it was just something I needed. God is so good like that! Oh, and another way God is good is He gives us opportunities to share His precious Gospel with others when we least expect. We got to CB before the Monks did. I had told my family on the way that if we got there first, I wanted to hurry in and buy a little ceramic butterfly dish for Lisa. She collects butterflies. I went in and made my purchase and asked the lady to wrap it. The lady that wrapped the dish talked the entire time she was wrapping. I then joined my family on the front porch and rocked until the Monks arrived. We stood out on the porch hugging and talking for a few minutes. Lisa handed me a pretty box and told me belated happy birthday, and I handed her the gift I had bought her and said, "Happy just because". She opened her gift and loved it of course and we went on in to register our names. I stood in line to register while everyone else visited. While I was standing in line, the lady that had wrapped the butterfly saw Lisa holding the box, and the lady told Lisa that the butterfly was pretty. Lisa proceeded to tell the lady that she collects butterflies. The lady then asked Lisa if they brought her good luck and that opened the door for Lisa to witness to her. Lisa collects butterflies because of our salvation. When God saves us, He makes new creatures out of us. (Behold, all things are new) The lady said, "Oh, like the caterpillar becomes a pretty butterfly". Isn't that neat!? Go to Lisa's blog 'Butterfly Place' She just started a blog, and I promise you, she'll bless the socks off ya! She's been a God-send to me.

While we were waiting on our friends to arrive...

We all did a little rockin'

and smilin'.

Friends arrived!

Liesa & Lisa

Bro. Tony & Cale

Noelle & Natalie

Bethany & Lisa

Yummy smelling pineapple-mango candle and pretty box
Thank you Lisa!


Mrs. C said...

There's nothing like a good meal and fellowship with good friends. :)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Looks like you all had a nice time. Love the picture of you and your hubby!!! I love shopping there!!!

GraceFromHim said...

What a GREAT opportunity to witness! I love that when God opens those doors. We plant those seeds and God will water them!

BECKY said...

Hi Friend!! I'll go check out her blog!! Glad you got some face time with a good friend!! That's something I've been lacking lately, but I'm driving to Melbourne Monday morning to help a friend unpack who finally moved back here from Atlanta. YAY!!! Only 2 hours away now instead of 8!! I can't wait!!

I love it when God's provides opportunities to witness!! I had one today when we were at some people's house looking to buy a vehicle from the. I shared about homeschooling, and how I knew that's what God wanted me to do. Interesting...she has been considering it herself! Wonder what He's going to do with that?? It's fun to think about!!

Have a peaceful, joyful, worshipful Sunday, Liesa!!

You're such a ray of sunshine!! Oops...I meant Sonshine!! :o)

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Ya know... I never thought I'd miss that place, after deputation. I think every pastor in the southeastern U.S. took us there. But, our family often sits at the table and talks about all of our fun times and good meals at "the Crack", as we affectionately named it:)
What a blessing to have fellowship with friends!
How neat... the story behind the butterflies!

Jan and Miekie said...

What a witness! I am sure the lady was touched by your show of love and friendship too. Deeds speak loudly!

Tori said...

So glad you had fun. Looks like a wonderful time.
BTW, you have the sweetest smile and I love your hair!!