Monday, March 2, 2009

Good Hair Day....

The same beautician has cut and colored my hair for seven or eight years now. Carrie Ann Taylor Vincent at Safari's is 'The Wonder Woman of Hair" to me. Not once have I come home crying or upset. Cry over my hair? Yes, been there, done that! Vain? Probably! If I like my hair, I feel much better about life in general. I know, it's probably a down-fall, but I have always loved and enjoyed 'good hair days'. Does that mean my hair Always looks good? Of course not! But, if I just know there's hope when I attempt to fix it, then I'm good! Carrie Ann is my magician; she always does such a good job. I even love just hanging out at Safari's. Last week when I was there, I got a color and cut. Noelle came there after she got off work to get her high lights touched up, so while she was putting the color on Noelle, I sat under the dryer and ate my supper. Carrie Ann's mother was delivering Carrie Ann and Julie's supper, and they were nice enough to ask if I wanted something too, so I got a baked potato and unsweet tea. To top it all off, while I was in there, one of my school friends came in, so I enjoyed catching up on her life, and then, before I left, the lady that helped me develop my writing skills, my high school English teacher, Mrs. Joan Wright came in. So, not only did I get a 'do', I had a wonderful visit with friends from my home town!
Gotta love it!

Ta-Dah!!! Here she is...Carrie Ann!

Noelle, looking like some sort of antenna tower! ha.

After! Quite lovely my dear!

Before: kind of flat! (and gray)

After: brown & fluffy!

Julie also works at Safari's. (I worked at school when she was in kindergarten) Whew, sakes alive! Can I be that old?! Pictured with Julie is my high school English-Literature teacher, Mrs. Joan Wright. She was a wonderful teacher. I loved how she inspired us to write and also to read. I also appreciate the kindness and time she always showed toward her students.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

The theme of our house is, "I'm having a good hair day, I can accomplish anything." Your hair looks beautiful, but then it looked nice before also!! Love how brave you were to take a before and after picture right in the salon!!! Wonderful!

GraceFromHim said...

Oh yes....been there too. Once you find someone good, you don't

She did a great job, lovely!


Roan said...

Your hair looks great! I haven't had a good hair day in some time now! Where is Safari's?

Liesa George said...


Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Can't beat a good hair dresser!
Looks great!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Love your new haircut! It looks great! I need one myself. For several months now I have been cutting my own but there comes a time when I just need a professional shaping up! I just can't seem to find one stylist who can get it right every time.

Thanks for sharing the pictures!