Monday, March 30, 2009

New Union Missionary Baptist Church 110th Anniversary

New Union Missionary Baptist Church in Halltown, Alabama is an important land-mark in my families life and in our history. Because of the people of this church, my husband's family accepted Christ as their Savior, which gave my husband a christian home to grow up in, which has made a difference in the kind of husband and daddy he is. Christ does make a difference in ones life! Scot's grandparents raised their five children in the Halltown community. They were hard workers and good citizens, great family people, but they were not church goers. Scot has talked to some of the older people in the community and they shared with him how they had prayed for his mothers families salvation day in and day out. Scot's Aunt Brinda was the first one to get saved. Some friends invited her to church. I can't remember the order of salvation for the rest of the family, but I do know it made a difference in Brinda, and she went home and spread the good news. Eventually, Pa-Pa and Ma-Ma and the other three children at home got saved and baptized. Scot's mother and daddy were already married and moved to another state. My mother-in-law said that when she'd receive letters from her family, she could tell something was different about them. Later, when Scot's parents moved back to Halltown, two of the men from church visited Scot's home and led his daddy to the Lord. Scot then had a christian home. He had a drug problem! He was drug to church every time the doors were open! New Union Church is where Scot was saved and baptized. It's also the place Scot and I were joined in matrimony almost 24 years ago. It's the place we've said 'See ya later' to two of his grandparents, it's the place that welcomes us with open arms each time we visit. We are thankful for New Union Church and for the 110 years it's stood as a Light for Jesus on the hill in Halltown. Sunday, March 22, we attended their anniversary celebration. What a blessing to hear the testimonies of people who have been there for many years. They all had one comment in common. They all bragged on the Lord. They gave Him the glory for all the things the church had accomplished through the years. Some told about the days they worshipped with the windows open in the summer and warmed by the old wood stove in the winter time. They reminisced about all the people that had been saved and all the loved ones they had grown up with and worshipped with at New Union. It was just a lovely day of celebration and of thanksgiving to God who blessed this precious church down through the years.

Mrs. E. Armstrong
H. Fowler
C. Lindley
S. Bolding
J. Massey
Mrs. L. Brown
W. Ashley
(Special singing for the afternoon)
The King's Messengers
Pastor G. Philame and Choir Director J. Massey
Special speaker for the afternoon was former pastor Bro. Jim Jones
Bro. Jones and Scot-
Bro. Jones was pastor when Scot was a teen-ager.


GraceFromHim said...

What a BIG milestone PTL!!!!
looks like a wonderful church, thanks for sharing.

Loretta said...

It's wonderful to know that God is still moving and working 110 years later.

BECKY said...

How very precious to be a part of their celebration since your family's godly heritage is so closely linked to this sweet church.

Touching story about how God works, Liesa. It really just warmed me up all over, and blessed my heart.

Special blessings to you, sweet friend. :o)

Joy, hugs, and prayers,

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

What a blessing to hear the testimony of your husbands family getting saved! How we need the Lord to break through hard hearts here in our community.